Top 5 Reasons to Bundle TV, Internet, and Phone

Reasons to Bundles

I have worked with sales teams of many providers of the U.S and I have noticed one thing. All the customers ask the same questions. All of them have the same concerns. The most common perception among consumers is that the bundles are another way to get a hefty fee out of our pocket. However, there is little truth to this. Read on to find the top five reasons to bundles TV, Internet, and Phone.

Bundles are a great way to stay in your monthly budget. They have countless benefits and add many conveniences. The only problem with bundles is that they are for a limited duration. After the end of the promotional term, their prices rise and they can cost a fortune. 

Yet we still think that even after the end of their promotional term, they do save you a lot of money. 

Many people are stuck in a situation where they have to decide between a la carte service and a bundle. Both of them have their pros and cons. 

Let us begin with the 4 reasons to bundles: 

The more you bundle, the more you save 

There is no harm in getting a single or two services. You can have them individually even from separate providers. However, if you pay $60 for the cable and $50 for the internet, your monthly bill goes up to $110. What if you get three instead of two services in under $100? This is how bundles work. They combine either two or all three services in a single plan to save you a lot on the monthly bill. Now, with individual plans, the prices are good for a year but with bundles, you can get the promotional price for more than two years. As a result, you pay less for the services and you get all three in one plan.

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Bundles get you more services

If you can afford one, you should have all three services from a single provider. Many people undermine the importance of a landline. It is crucial to have one. Modern landline phones have tons of essential features. For example, Spectrum home phone has more than 28 essential features including the voicemail, unlimited local & long-distance calling, caller ID, and many more. With bundles, you get the added advantage of all three services. This is good reasons to bundles.

Bundles are more convenient 

Bundles are quite convenient too. At one point, we all have gone through the hassle of paying separate bills. You have internet from one provider and cable TV from the other. On top, you have a separate landline that has its own bills. However, if you subscribe to a bundle, you get the opportunity to pay for all three services in one go. This makes bundling services quite convenient. 

You get added features 

Normally, the cable or internet plans come with basic features unless you sign up for a higher-end plan. Now, the good thing about bundles is that you can get added features to your basic plans that would otherwise cost you a fortune. For example, many providers will give you extra channels included in the bundle. These channels are usually absent from the individual plan. I mean who doesn’t want free HBO or Cinemax for a year! Secondly, this works for the internet plan included in the bundle. You will be paying for the price of 100 Mbps but in many cases, you will be getting around 200 Mbps. 

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You get free stuff 

We all like gifts. I mean if there is something that we are getting free, we love it. Many internet providers like Optimum will gift you free Amazon prepaid cards just by signing up for their bundles. These cards range from $50 to $100. Now, these bundles are already available on discounted rates and you are getting a prepaid card on top. The free stuff you get varies from provider to provider. For example, Spectrum does not give you a prepaid card. Instead, you get a free modem with the plan. 

Bundling is customizable 

Every person is different. If one person in your house is into the NBA, there will be a European football fan too. Every household has different needs. Let us talk about the internet first. Many households with basic usage require a normal download speed because all they want is to check emails, pay some bills, and surf social media. Conversely, other households have extensive usage. Multiple people in the house like to stream in HD. There is a bunch of gamers in the house as well. If the sons want to watch NFL, the mother would like some of TNT, Bravo, or Comedy Central. 

Since every house has different needs, they should be getting the plans according to those requirements. You cannot customize the services individually but if you get a bundle, you can customize as much as you like. This makes them ideal for any family with different interests. 

Final Verdict 

Above mention details were the reasons to bundles. We have established that bundles are affordable, convenient, customizable, and a great way to get some amazing add-ons.