Unblock Extratorrents – Easy Method and Amazing Alternative Sites

unblock extratorrents
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About Extratorrent

Want to know the details about Extratorrents and how to unblock it? Here is an article that will help you to understand the site and its reason behind the popularity. First, let us know more about torrents in general.

Torrents is a way of downloading files from the internet with the help of a service provider. In the past few years, torrents are used widely all across the globe to download various stuff from the internet. From the movies to the games, you can get everything literally with the help of torrents.

Unblock Extratorrents

One of the easiest ways to unblock Extratorrents is to access the website through a VPN. Basically, a VPN is a simple virtual private network that helps you to relocate your address so that you can unlock the locked content or website.

There are many ways to do this. You can either download a good VPN software that can help you to get a proxy server. Moreover, you can also visit some site online that provides a nice and safe VPN surfing experience.

These things may add some extra steps to unblock Extratorrents, so you can check out the amazing alternatives of Extratorrents below.

Best Alternatives to Extratorrents 

Extratorrents is an extremely popular site that has been around for years. People have been using this site to find and download some of the best torrents available online. Sadly, this site is blocked on various servers. Moreover, due to the legal issues, this site keeps going down every now and then. Hence, if you really want to find good quality torrents, then you must know the alternatives.

Proxy Sites and Servers

There are various proxy websites that you can use to unblock Extratorrents. These sites will help you to access the site easily. However, one can find it a bit hard and complex to download the torrents from the site most of the time. The proxy servers are unable to take the load and crash.

List of Alternatives 


It is a well-known and popular site that has more or less the same quality and quantity of torrents that you may find of Extratorrents. The smooth user-interface helps you to explore the site and its contents easily. Moreover, it is also a safer site to download torrents from as compared to the various other duplicates of the Extratorrents.


This is a site that has a vast and diverse bag of torrents available to you. One can go and find various movies, tv shows, games, and much more! This site also has some of the regional films and documentaries that you can download. Just make sure to check the language of the movie or show that you are downloading beforehand. The only drawback that this site has is that it can be down sometimes. This is due to the heavy traffic that YTS attracts.

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This is a very common site known to most torrent lovers. This has something for everyone. A large amount of content that it has to offer hardly ever disappoints anyone. Moreover, the way to download the torrents from this site is very easy. In a matter of just a few steps, you will able to get the torrent that you want. Also, the download speed which this 1337x provides is also quite high.


As the name suggests, EZTV is majorly about the t.v shows and series. Even though it is mostly dedicated to T.V shows, you can get movies on this site as well. When it comes to tv shows, it has one of the most expansive lists of shows that you can download from. From the regional shows to the most popular ones around the globe, it has everything that any T.V show fanatic might need. Moreover, seeded-links have a lot of options that you can choose from.

The Pirate Bay.
unblock extratorrents
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Most of us have heard about the Pirate Bay already. Pirate Bay torrent one of the most well-known sites that you can visit on the list. Recently, it was down, and hence a lot of people had to shift from it. But now it is back up again. This is a legendary site that has been around for years! It is one of the first torrent sites that had a global fan following. A lot of people rely on the pirate bay to get the latest movies, songs, and even games. The links are mostly from a trusted source, but still, one has to be a bit cautious before downloading. If at all it goes down again, you can choose any other alternative from our list and download your torrent from them.

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Along with The Pirate Bay, this also tops the list of being popular. This site has been around for a lot of years as well. You can go and find an amazing range of films, shows, games, and much more on this website. RARBG has a simple and easy to understand user-interface. This helps the people to surf and download the torrents from this site easily. Although, one of the few drawbacks that this site has is that due to the high traffic, its servers can be down quite often. So make sure that you download your needed content as soon as possible. As if you delay it much, you may have to wait for a while.

unblock extratorrents
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Limetorrents is a very well-known and old name in the field of torrents. It has been around for a very long time. A lot of people use this site only as they have used it numerous times and have gained their trust in it. Due to the high popularity, this site has managed to gather tons of movies, shows, songs, and many more things! You can find a lot of unique content that you can’t find anywhere else. Moreover, the links that it has seeded on the website are also quite trusted. There are numerous great options through which you can choose and download your torrent easily. Limetorrents is a wonderful option and alternative to Extratorrents. Many people have shifted to this site as they find it easier to find and download their torrents.

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If you are not able to unblock extratorrents, then you can visit this new torrent site. Even though this is a new site, but it looks very promising. Having a vast range of content available and easy steps to download the files is making this site an instant hit. You can check out various types of torrents from this site. From the Anime to the e-books, this site seems to have it all. As the new site is making the mark in the world of torrents, we can expect it to grow even bigger and make small improvements as it grows.


Be it movies, shows, or e-books, Torrent9 is an outstanding site that will have all your solutions regarding torrents. If in case you are not able or wanting to unblock extratorrents, then you can simply go to Torrent9 and surprise yourself with a large range of content! It has almost all the new and old movies, songs, or even anime that you might be looking for. So make sure that you go on this site and check it out for yourself! The only drawback that one can find on this site is the constantly popping ads that may come your way! Overall, it is a great site for all your torrent needs!

Kickass Torrents 
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This is a wonderful alternative to extratorrents. If you are unable to unblock extratorrents, then you can use this to get the vast range of movies and series. This is a globally popular platform, so there is no need to worry. You can find almost every movie and series on this platform. Even the process of downloading any form of content from this site is very easy. You can download safe and good quality content from this site.

Even the user interface of the site helps you to download the material without any hindrance.

Fast Torrent.

This is also a wonderful alternative to extratorrents that you can explore if that site is blocked. Instead of going through the long and complicated process of unblocking extratorrents, one can simply get the go-to Fast Torrent and get the job done. This site has several strong links that will ensure that you get your files downloaded easily. Moreover, because it has such a vast collection of links, it might take a while to find the best one for you. So, make sure that you take your proper time and do a bit of research before you end up making the final call.

Sumo Torrent.
unblock extratorrents
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This is a comparatively new site for torrents. Even though this site is new, it has become a game-changer instantly. The large backup of the seeded links helps you to get your torrents easily. Moreover, the wide variety of content can help you get some rare movies or shows that you might not find anywhere else. So make sure to give this website a visit once and check it out yourself. You may find it better than any other site on this list.


Monova is an excellent site that has been climbing the ladder of popularity in recent times. Thank its diverse file collection, it has become quite popular for people who are into watching movies or shows. Moreover, they are also trying to get more games on their site as well. This will surely increase their traffic. Hence, if you are looking for a great alternative to Extratorrents, then make sure that you visit this site and download your torrent. By going to this site, you can avoid the whole process that you need to follow in order to unblock extratorrents.