Video Editing Tips Every NLE Should Know About

Tips NLE Should Know

Video editing is something that can be challenging at times, but you cannot deny that it is a lot of fun. It allows you to create a piece of art out of multiple videos, and in the process, you gain a new perspective as well. If you have just started learning about video editing, and it has fascinated you to become a professional, then there is always a lot to learn. But when you want to become a professional video editor, you have to be much disciplined. You have to find that balance between creativity and technicalities, and you have to learn about the new editing styles as well. You should also be aware of all the tips and tricks of the business so that you cannot just do it right, but you can do it efficiently as well. Using transitions to tell a story and knowing how to do a free video repair, can really make you good at this. In this article, I have mentioned Video Editing Tips Every NLE Should Know About. Pick the Right Software

The first step towards becoming a video editor is to pick the right editing software. No software is perfect and has all the magic tools. Everyone has their preferences, and you have to choose yours. Let’s have a look at two of the most popular video editing software and its features from which you should choose.

Adobe Premiere Pro

With Adobe Premiere Pro, you get Multicam editing, customizable interface, and excellent online support. You will also get consistent updates on the Adobe Premiere Pro, which means that you will always be up to date with the tech world. It is one of the oldest video editing software, and since Adobe has introduced the Creative Cloud, it has become the most popular video editor in the world. What Makes Premier Pro special is that it comes with other sister software like After Effects and Media Encoder. You can also edit almost all types of videos on Adobe Premiere Pro, and even if you have a corrupt video file, you can use a video repair tool free and can then put the video into adobe premiere for editing. A video repairing software may also allow you to recover files that were lost on the SD card.

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Final Cut Pro

The other most popular video editing software is Final Cut Pro, aka FCP. When this software was first launched, it was considered to be one of the worst video editing software, but today it stands among the best. It provides you with features like background rendering and Multicam editing. The interface of the software is pretty simple, and it does not even show the hint of power it holds. However, one of the significant drawbacks of this software is that it is not available on windows, and you can only get it on IOS.  

Choosing the Right PC

You cannot just become a professional video editor if you are using the same laptop for editing that you were using for your college projects a couple of years ago. You need a Computer or Laptop that is powerful enough to handle HD videos and real-time rendering. You should use a laptop that supports SSD storage so you will be able to move your files quickly, and will be able to load and render fast as well. Also, to make sure that you get fast editing speeds, install at least 8GB of RAM. And this is the minimum requirement if you want the best experience I will recommend you to go for 12GB of RAM. Also, do not forget about installing a high-quality video card as that will also play a huge role.

Install Emergency Tools 

Video editing can be a complicated process, and sometimes you will find yourself in a situation for which you would not be able to find solutions easily. For example, you suddenly need a video effect that you cannot find on your editor, or you are having problems with your video files.  Or you might need a video repair software because your video files are not responding. There are a lot of tools that a video editor must have on their laptop, and you can find that long list on the internet. However, you must have these two kinds of tools on your laptop:

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Video Recovery Tool

Having a video repair tool is really important as it can be a lifesaver for you at times. One of the most common problems video editors face is that they get the raw video files for editing that are corrupted due to some reason. And when you have deadlines to meet, it can be a stressful situation. Luckily, you can install the best video repair software, and whenever you have come across a corrupt file, you can fix it with the software’s help. Free video repair software is easy to use, and it would not waste any of your time.

Video Converter Software 

Another kind of tool you must have in your digital shed is a video converter. You are dealing with a lot of different kinds of video files when you are editing, and sometimes you need to change the format of the video for better editing and viewing experience. There is a lot of video converter software available out there, and some of them work free as well, so do install one of those. Also, if you have installed the best video repair software, it might allow you to convert files as well. So you would not have to get two different tools for both tasks.


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