Will Video Marketing Ever Rule the World?

Video Marketing

One of the measurements of successful marketing is to gather more engagements from site visitors. Higher traffic and increased conversion rate can leverage a business. While blog posts are a significant key to increase these statistics, video marketing is gaining popularity fast. 

The birth of digital marketing has helped more businesses be on top of the competition. SEO-friendly posts, updated keywords, valuable contents, hassle-free, and easy to transfer information in a few minutes are essential factors of effective video marketings. Everything is going digital, and being on top of the competition is vital. 

The real question is, will video editing take over every marketing strategy we know?

Why Video Marketing Is The Best Digital Trend 

Onslaught videos found on every social media platform are the new trends. Whether you are sharing further information or building your brand name, compelling videos are one of the best ways to keep viewers more engaged on your website. Some site viewers are more into learning new things by watching videos on a site. 

Video marketing is not high-risk compared to conventional marketing. It helps your business easily modify marketing plans through useful content and higher engagements. No wonder it’s becoming a booming trend for effective marketing. 

Video or influential marketing has provided the latest trend and face of a practical and effective sales plan. Most online influencers resort to video marketing. For example, at Animation Explainers, provide businesses products and ideas through animated videos, which allows your business to be concise and inform the audience on what you offer. 

You can incorporate video marketings on every social or digital system, including Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. This helps marketers dive deeper and reach out to their target audience faster than before. It enables you to establish brands and increase recognition while spreading product or service labels.

Video Marketing trend

Research shows that 80% of your website traffic will be generated from compelling videos. Though SEO-optimized text is vital, embedded videos increase site engagements and provide an Unbounce conversion rate of up to 80%. 

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But how can video marketings rule the world? 

One statement from Twitter said that tweets with videos are more trending and get increased retweets than simple tweets. 

  • Videos provide a better boost to SEO-optimized blog posts. 
  • Video marketing improves engagements.
  • Videos on landing pages help increase conversion drive up to 80%.
  • Most users retain information from videos they watch on various social media platforms for up to 30 days.
  • An email with embedded videos improves click-through sales more than regular emails sent to subscribers.
  • 95% of buyers find video marketing more helpful in their purchasing decisions. 

Traffic generated from videos can increase up to 85% by 2022. This means that if you’re looking for ways on how to increase site engagements or improve your conversion rate, you’ll have to start including video content in your marketing strategies.

However, some vital factors need to be considered before jumping over to video marketing. You need to check how the data reflects with your target audience. Check if the content that comes with videos gets more traffic compared to blog posts. 


Next is to check whether a blog post incorporated with videos gets more traffic or increases the conversion rate. Generating consistent revenue from video marketings is vital as it affects your ROI. 

Video Marketing Pros

Understanding the benefits of video marketing is essential to every business entrepreneur. Whether you’re a start-up or already established biz, every investment must safeguard revenue return. Here are several benefits you may want to consider with video marketing: 

  • It enables broader audience reach, especially those who cannot read blog posts.
  • Videos allow you to connect easily with your target audience.
  • It’s less editorial work and helps you establish your brands efficiently. 
  • Visuals are easy to understand compared to complicated text instructions.
  • It offers flexibility and easy-access that enables multitasking.
  • It’s an excellent brand advertisement.
  • Teaching specific instructions requires visual elements, especially in online courses. 
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Establishing digital content is more straightforward with video marketing. Whether you’re generating user-friendly videos or using software to create one, you cannot deny the power of video efficacy on every platform and function. 

work place

Video Marketing Cons

There is an equilibrium to everything, and video marketing, regardless of how compelling and beneficial it is to your business, will somewhat prose a few downsides. These setbacks are vital to helping you improve your marketing strategies and provide enough room for improvements. 

Whether you’re contemplating or not, here are some setbacks you’ll need to reconsider when it comes to video marketing.

  • It requires dedicated hosting for your videos.

If you’re a start-up biz trying to establish your brands and increase traffic with video marketing, you may opt for third-party embedded links. While it’s possible, this can be tricky for SEO. Your readers ‘can’ watch videos from your website or click-through your post and redirect traffic and engagements. 

Unless you are putting your video into your website, it will be an issue about views and site engagements. You need to find the perfect balance for this one. If you’re not creating these videos, then you’re missing something moving forward.

  • Check if videos are mobile-friendly and accessible.

More people are accessing the cloud through smartphones. If your content is not mobile-friendly, you’ll also be losing site visits, traffic, engagement, and conversion rate. People purchase data, and if your videos are not optimized and slowly loading on each content, you’ll have a big issue from there. Check whether your videos are easily accessible to mobile users. 

  • Finding the right target audience.

Video marketing is highly effective and will help leverage your business when properly executed. It’s not easy-peasy but surely worth the investment. Sharing your videos with the right audience is vital. 

You need to decide what you want, who your target audience is, and be related to your niche, products, and services. 


Video marketing is vital to every business. However, words are still needed for you to create compelling visual content. While most people learn faster with graphic elements, you’ll need to script and spellbinding write-ups to translate them into actions. Nevertheless, video marketing is a powerful tool, and its benefits are essential to help you leverage your business potential. 


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