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Drake Wants And Needs Lyrics
Drake Wants And Needs Lyrics has a story

Wants and Needs lyrics have an in-depth meaning; however, before exploring it, let us have a little check-through of this song. about it. Rapper Drake from Canada collaborated with rapper Lil Baby on the song “Wants and Needs.” The song’s infectious tempo, witty language, and relatable lyrics helped it immediately become a hit after its 2021 release. “Wants and Needs” debuted at number two on the top 100 of Billboard and spent many weeks in the top. It also earned a lot of appreciation from the critics, who applauded the connection between Drake and Lil Baby. Together with producers 40, Dez Wright, and Cardo, the two musicians composed this song.

A little background before understanding the meaning behind Wants and Needs lyrics

Though the words Wants and Needs may seem profound, they are now popular. Drake and Lil Baby have collaborated on four songs so far, with this one being the fourth. Prior to this, these rappers collaborated with rappers like Gunna on the remix of Future’s 2020, titled Life is Good, as well as on songs like Yes Indeed and so on. Drake appeared in the first iteration.

Drake had been in the news for many reasons. He gained notoriety following dating rumors involving American rapper Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian. She is a well-known media personality and a model. The two rappers have been at odds since 2010 for various reasons.

Returning to Wants and Needs, it is one of the three brand-new songs from the album’s three top singles. Drake considers faith, women, and finances, to be the three most important requirements. These topics are discussed in the song’s lyrics. You’ve come to the perfect site if you enjoy rap music and have enjoyed the lyrics but are curious about the meaning of the song.

The reason behind Wants and Need’s popularity

The lyrics of “Wants and Needs” discuss the distinction between the things that people want and the things that they need. The song touches on a topic like materialism, fame, and the struggle to balance personal desires with practical necessities. Many listeners relate to the song’s message and find it thought-provoking. It is one of the reasons that contributed to its popularity.

Additionally, the song features two of the biggest names in hip-hop, Drake and Lil Baby, which has undoubtedly contributed to its popularity. Both artists have a massive following and a track record of producing hit songs. The collaboration between the two was anticipated. It was the reason that got the audience excited about it. Since its release, there had been a lot of buzz about it.

Overall, “Wants and Needs” is popular because of its catchy beat, clever lyrics, and relatable themes. The collaboration between Drake and Lil Baby has also contributed to its success.

Wants and Needs lyrics have different meanings

Wants and needs lyrics - Drake

The song explores the theme of fame, success, and the pressure associated with it. The well-known rappers Lil Baby and Drake have teamed up this time to offer an incredible music experience to the audience through wants and needs. It is an inevitable collaboration that gained huge popularity soon after its release.

Wants and needs lyrics have a meaningful title. It highlights a certain lifestyle that the singers are living. It depicts a scenario in which both of them are having a good time and doing whatever they want.

Drake verse:

Drake talks about his desire to have a loyal team around him. He also acknowledges his mistakes and vulnerabilities. He raps about how his success has led to people wanting things from him, including his time and money, but emphasizes that he only wants people around him who genuinely care about him.

Drake continues to rap about his success and how he’s on top of the game, referencing his achievements such as owning a mansion and a private jet. He says that he’s still hungry for more and will never be satisfied with just what he has. He also mentions his struggles with trust and loyalty in the industry, stating that he’s been let down by people he trusted in the past.

In the chorus, Drake repeats a certain phrase to emphasize the authenticity of his success and his lyrics. He also mentions how people tend to switch up when you’re successful, so he has to stay true to himself and be careful of who he surrounds himself with.

Overall, the lyrics showcase Drake’s confidence and determination to keep on succeeding despite any obstacles that come his way.

Chorus Meaning of Wants and Needs Lyrics

Drake - Wants and Needs (Lyrics) ft. Lil Baby - YouTube

In the chorus, Drake admits that he has a criminal mind, which often bothers him. You can even hear it in the first stanza, where he believes that Kanye’s religious influence is the right thing. Drake even mentioned the drug MDMA in the form of MS, which he constantly thinks about. He even talks about the value of having friends in life. He feels that as you gain popularity, it becomes difficult to have genuine people around. He even spoke about his personal life in the song, admitting to dating two women at the same time. He refers to one woman as a desire while the rest as a need.

Lil Baby’s verse:

Lil Baby’s verse reflects a similar sentiment, with him rapping about how he has had to cut people out of his life who was only interested in his success. Overall, the song is a reflection on the challenges that come with fame and the importance of having genuine relationships in life.

Lil Baby also talks about the negative effects of fame, such as fake friends and people trying to bring him down. Despite these challenges, he remains focused on his goals and remains grateful for his success. He acknowledges that his journey to success was not easy and that he had to overcome many obstacles to get where he is now.

Lil Baby concludes his verse by saying that he is not perfect. He belives he is doing his best to stay true to himself and his values. He has made mistakes in the past, but he is learning from them and striving to be a better person. Ultimately, he wants to leave a positive impact on the world and inspire others to chase their dreams.

Both Drake and Lil Baby express their wants and needs in their verses. Drake speaks about wanting good company and being in love with two girls at the same time. He also mentions his obsession with sins and drugs. Lil Baby talks about his love for money and his secret girlfriend. He wants to be known as one of the greatest of all time in the music industry. However, neither has stated it explicitly.

If you like these artists, you probably know what to expect from the recent Wants and Needs lyrics. It is not the redundant subject matter but the musicians that have made this song a huge hit.


Q: What is the Wants and Needs? 

A: Wants and Needs is a song by Canadian rapper Drake, featuring vocals from American rapper Lil Baby.

Q: What is the genre and style of Wants and Needs? 

A: Wants and Needs is a hip-hop and trap song with a dark and moody production featuring hard-hitting drums, eerie synths, and vocal samples.

Q: What are the lyrics and themes of the Wants and Needs? 

A: The lyrics of the Wants and Needs are about Drake and Lil Baby’s desires and necessities, such as money, fame, women, and loyalty. The song also contains references to their personal lives, such as Drake’s relationship with Kanye West and Lil Baby’s legal issues.

Q: How was the reception and performance of the Wants and Needs song? 

A: The reception and performance were positive, as the song received praise from critics and fans, who highlighted the chemistry and delivery of Drake and Lil Baby.

Q: How can I listen to or watch the Wants and Needs? 

A: You can listen to or watch Wants and Needs by using various platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Ending Note:

It was a major achievement for Drake to have all three tracks from his ‘Scary Hours 2’ EP debut take the top three spots on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It further solidified his status as one of the biggest and most successful artists in the music industry.