What is Mirabel’s gift?

Mirabels git
What is Mirabels git?

If you’re asking the same things that many Encanto fans do—what Mirabel’s gift and why it wasn’t disclosed earlier—you can discover all the answers here. Fans of Encanto’s notion appear to have filled in several plot holes in the movie. Mirabel has two sisters that represent brawn and beauty. It makes perfect sense that Mirabel’s gift in Encanto was her intelligence. After all, the female character represents beauty, brawn, and brain, which is a common part of storytelling. But Enchanto adds a twist to the story by not counting Mirabel as the one with brains.

Throughout the entire film, she is shown to have a nervous personality and keeps wondering about the reason behind the cracking of the magical house. She does not require any supernatural abilities to achieve her goal. Rather, Mirabel is shown as a person with intelligent determination, which she had all the time but never realized.

In the end, it is shown that Mirabel is the one chosen to be the future leader of the Madrigals. However, it is not clear why she never got the powers. Though her gifted power is her intelligence, there are theories surrounding it. There is a theory that shows Mirabel sabotages her process of enchantment. Irrespective of this, she will still lead the family and her village in the coming years. It thus reassures the Madrigals that they are all beautiful and have the brains and brawn to create whatever future they desire.

Encanto: Mirabel Did Get A Gift At Her Ceremony - Theory Explained

Mirabel fan theories on what is Mirabel’s gift

Encanto Runaway got her some success, which also resulted in different fan theories that not only speculated on what is Mirabel’s gift was but also brought depth to her characters. However, some theories look dark when compared to other options. Fan suggests that when she touches the doorknob, Mirabel gets her gift activated instantly. The power then intervenes and alters reality. Mirabel’s aunt Pepa can control the water with her emotions. Everyone discovered that she feels sad for not getting magical power. They also noticed that anything close to Mirabel’s changes which shows the entire perspective differently.

The Mysterious Meaning of Mirabel’s Gift

In the dark theory of Encanto Mirabel’s gift, it shows that Mirabel has trapped the whole Madrigal family in the town. It also shows the musical aspect of the movie.

Theory of Child-Friendliness

Speculations are Cracks of Casita is due to Mirabel seeing her cousin Camilo, who receives the gift when she assumes she does not have one. It may have triggered her gift of going crazy. Surprisingly, for this theory, Encanto becomes a kid-friendly version of Wandavision, in which Scarlet subconsciously controls the mind and then assigns reality to the entire West View town.

There is also one more theory, which suggests that Mirabel reached the door at the ceremony time however, the door never disappeared. It was the new front door leading to Madrigal’s magical home. Several facts corroborate this theory. It explains how at the end of the Encanto, Abuela Alma confesses. She admits to asking Pedro for help and that Pedro replied by sending Mirabel.

Will the puzzle of Mirabel’s gift ever be clear?

Different theories give different answers on what is Mirabel’s gift. You can come up with your theory as well. However, you must understand that Mirabel is not depicted in the same way as the rest of her family. The Madrigals have all the magical powers, given as gifts to every family member and the village. Mirabel, for instance, has a sister named Lisa who gets good strength, while her cousin Dolores has the power to hear everything. Mirabel is depicted as having no authority throughout the entire movie. She and Abuela Alma become estranged as a result of it. Alma is seen fretting at the possibility of losing the charm. She thought it may harm her family and the neighborhood. She is therefore more irate when Mirabel doesn’t get a present.

Though it appears that Mirabel did not receive a gift, Encanto demonstrates that she had more valuable magic than others. Madrigals witnesses every family member receiving a new gift during a special Christmas. As the child goes to Abuela Alma, she touches the enchanted candle and then reaches the magical doorknob. It then shows a new casita room and the gift. The room disappears when Mirabel enters the same ceremony and approaches the door. It simply transformed into the front door of the house.

Mirabel has always been given a gift, despite Encanto’s letting the audience believe otherwise at the gift ceremony of Casita.

Mirabel Accidentally Sabotaged Her Own Gift In Encanto - Theory Explained

So what is Mirabel’s gift?

Mirabel had always believed in herself, despite never having magical skills, but she started to have second thoughts. But given that she walked in Abuela Alma’s footsteps, it seems reasonable to accept Encanto’s explanation for Mirabel’s talent. In the epilogue, Alma admits that Mirabel had asked Pedro for help when she thought magic was in danger. She gradually understands, nevertheless, that Pedro had sent Mirabel to be the assistance she required. Mirabel, like Alma, had put other people’s images on the door to help rebuild the house. But at the end of the film, it is clear that Mirabel will be a family leader like Abuela Alma was. There is also a possibility that the casita door was secretly hers always since it responds to Mirabel most of the time throughout the film.

The future was uncertain but her gift switched the door to the front entrance. Although Uncle Bruno warns the niece that the future is not predetermined. He had a vision in Encanto that she will harm Casita. Her uncle explains there was no clear fate when he had that vision. This revelation means Mirabel’s gift door can change into the front house. However, it was not necessarily the same all along. After all, Mirabel did her best to make it happen by setting family as her priority of canvas prints.

Upcoming project of Encanto 2

Mirabel’s gift is the subject of several speculations, but there is also an answer towards the end. It shows the entrance door of Casita as it seemed to Mirabel. In other words, Mirabel was always at the casita door. She has been the one who receives responses from Casita despite having many visible gifts. It is obvious that Encanto has grabbed the viewer’s imagination, which suggests that Disney is likely to create Encanto 2. Whether such ideas discuss the truth about her talent or her personality, it is apparent that Encanto has captured the viewer’s imagination.

Ending Note:

There might be different theories revolving around what is Mirabel’s gift, but the entire Encanto point is that even if she doesn’t get it, that is okay. The most intriguing aspect of the whole situation is that she is learning the same thing as her gift. In the end, she is shown to be the one who brought the family together and restored the casita’s magic. The film is not about the Madrigals family’s magical abilities. It is a story about a young outsider who risks everything for her family. She depicts that more than Madrigal’s otherworldly powers, her love for her family is strong, and no one can change it. She never receives a gift as her gift thinking it was her destiny. It is about making a difference by accepting the way you are.