What Is Trending In The World Of Kitchen Appliances?

Trending In Kitchen Appliances

Home cooking will be part of the new norm in upcoming years, with a recent survey by communications firm, Hunter, showing that Americans have been bitten by the home chefing bug, with many having discovered hidden culinary talents they weren’t aware of. The penchant for cooking has led homeowners to invest more in their kitchens – as much in design and renovations as in the acquisition of top-level kitchen appliances. Below are just what is trending in the world of the kitchen appliances industry.

Automatic Food Composts

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that home composting is growing in popularity, which is good news, considering that 30% of what families throw away comprises food scraps and yard waste. One appliance that is taking composting into the future is the automatic food composting system (check out the latest appliance by Sepura), comprising a two-part unit that sits conveniently beneath the kitchen sink. When you throw food away, liquids flow down the drain, while the lower part of the unit stores solid foods. The system lets you know when the unit is full so you can empty its contents in your exterior compost system.

HD Ovens

Those who love to bake and roast food know that opening the oven midway through the heating process can interfere with the final results. Cutting edge ovens like the Hoover Vision have built-in HD cameras which let budding chefs know how their creations are going without the need for opening the oven door. Cutting-edge ovens also have features like touchscreen doors, voice control features, and pyrolytic functions (which means they are self-cleaning). It’s easy to keep modern kitchen appliances clean, despite the sophistication of smart ovens and other pricey equipment. Tips include using gentle products (such as vinegar or lemon) to tackle grease, keeping a regular cleaning schedule (ovens, for instance, should be cleaned at least once a month), and using microfiber cloths or damp sponges with baking soda to wipe down the interior of kitchen appliances.

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Smart Fridges

Top companies like Samsung, Bosch and LG are all manufacturing fridges that are both good-looking and ‘smart’, boasting features like WiFi connectivity, voice control via Google Assistant, and internal LED lighting. The LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator boasts features such as a door-in-door panel, which reduces cold air loss by allowing you to access a hidden compartment containing often-used items without having to open the entire fridge door. Other ‘smart fridge’ features to watch out for include linear compressors and dual evaporators (to keep humidity and indoor temperatures at ideal levels), smart screens on the door (which can be used to access recipes or order food with one-touch ordering), and coffee brewing features. 

The kitchen is fast becoming the meeting point for families from across the globe, with many home dwellers enjoying the experience of preparing meals for loved ones. Many are investing in kitchen design, renovation and equipment. Just a few items that are making cooking easier and more pleasurable than ever before include the smart fridge, smart oven, and home composting technology.