What Melbourne is Famous For

Melbourne is Famous For

Melbourne and Sydney have always been rivals and although Melbourne may not have the iconic sites that Sydney does, when it comes to culture, depth, and variety, Melbourne takes the cake. Here is our list of the top things Melbourne is renowned for.

Spontaneous Weather

Unpredictable weather is the first thing Australians think when you ask them about Melbourne, rightfully so as this city is famous for having 4 seasons in one day. It could be cold in the morning, rain in the afternoon and then turn into a lovely warm evening. You never quite know what’s in store so if you are planning a trip, always have a few indoor attractions in the back of your mind and keep a raincoat close.


Melbourne is Australia’s capital for sport, Cricket, Tennis, AFL and more. Sport is everywhere, and if you want to become to experience this the best thing to do is to grab a ticket to a game. If you want to learn more about Aussie sports, consider visiting the Melbourne Cricket Ground or the Rod Laver Arena, they are very close to the city centre. Also, a good option is to visit the National Sports Museum.

Nature and Hikes

Melbourne is surrounded by stunning nature and outdoor activities just waiting for you to explore. To name a few, The Ocean View Road with its famous 12 Apostles, the Dandenong Ranges, The Grampians, and Philip Island are all stunning. Don’t forget to check out a guide to sleeping bags if you are planning for a camping trip to one of these amazing locations! Not to be missed are some of the green areas in the city, Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, and Carlton Gardens are a few good options right in the city.

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Nature and Hikes

Koalas and Penguins

With an abundance of nature comes a lot of wildlife. The two local residents that stand out for are the tiny fairy penguins which you can witness in Philip Island, but also at the end of the St Kilda Pier if you don’t have time to travel to Philip island. The Koala sanctuary, also on Philip Island is a great way to walk on some boardwalks and see some cuddly Koalas in their natural habitat.

Koalas and Penguins

Alleys, Street Art and Rooftop Bars

Melbourne isn’t just Australia’s capital for sport, it also has the most developed and diverse coffee culture, and the best cafes are hidden in all the quirky alleys. It’s worth dedicating some time strolling through the hidden lanes, discovering some of the best street art and grabbing some coffee from the many amazing cafes tucked away. At night, these alleys come to life with people hopping between Melbourne’s famous rooftop bars.

A Bit of Everything for Everyone

This is perhaps the biggest and most appealing aspect of Melbourne, no matter what you are into you’ll likely find something to peak your interest. Museums, art galleries, markets, beaches, fun activities, tours. For the best attractions and to help you plan your trip, check out this Melbourne Trip Planner, it’ll help you get the most out of your trip and find the things that will make your trip memorable.


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