What to Look For When Purchasing a Construction Camera

a Construction Camera

Every business requires some form of surveillance for monitoring and security. As a result, CCTV cameras are widely available for both home and commercial use. However, in the construction industry, the purpose of cameras goes beyond ensuring safety in the workplace. Instead, they play an essential role in monitoring operations and providing video content for marketing campaigns. In this blog, you will be knowing What to Look For When Purchasing a Construction Camera.

Substantially, special construction cameras cater to the needs of construction companies and can capture time-lapses over a long period. This process usually runs from the start of a project to its completion. Therefore, it is pertinent to purchase a camera with the capacity to do this type of work. There are plenty of cameras on the market, but knowing which features you need will help you narrow your search.

High-quality Video Capture

You must choose construction cameras with excellent quality.  As you will be sharing the footage with clients and the public, low-definition content can be detrimental to your company’s credibility and branding.

First, look for a fixed-position camera, which is terrific for capturing wide-angle shots as it will remain still throughout the process. That way, you do not have to worry about stabilizing the video during the editing phase.

Second, determine the extent of the field that you want to capture. Generally, 86-104 degrees is wide enough to fit an entire construction site and will result in gorgeous visuals with room for head and side space.

As for quality measured in megapixels, most construction cameras come in 5, 12, and 20 megapixels and contain DSLR lenses. Although these values may seem small, remember that huge videos take a long time to upload.

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Alternatively, you can opt for pan-tilt-zoom cameras. They are digitally controlled and can take amazing panoramic shots of your site. This option is better if you are working with multiple job sites and need to monitor larger fields. At 250 megapixels, your time-lapses will look phenomenal on any screen. A 10-12x optical zoom also preserves the quality of the photos despite intense zooming.

A Device That Can Withstand Anything

As your camera will be situated outdoors, you must choose one that can withstand harsh weather conditions. In this way, despite strong winds, severe rain, and heavy snowfall, your device will remain safe and sound.

This feature is often possible through an enclosure with a heater or blower controlled by a thermostat. A water-resistant case will make it sturdier than a GoPro, so you have little to worry about in that regard.

App Integration

Another critical feature to look out for is app integration. This means that the cameras that come with accompanying software are many times more useful than just hardware. The software allows you to access videos and time-lapses, watch live recordings, and personally monitor multiple construction sites. It is essentially a dashboard where you can manage your entire workflow.

With full integration, you can access information from any device, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Primary data such as information about weather conditions, deliveries, and subcontractors will help you plan out your day and streamline your operations.

Meanwhile, you can choose to share the live camera with team members and clients to give them live progress reports. An automated email function with time-lapse updates is also incredibly useful so that you do not need to send timely reports manually.

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Before purchasing a camera system for your construction site, it is pertinent that you take the time to shop around, ask questions, and consult with providers to ensure that you get what you need. A reliable camera system will take your business to new heights, and you will not regret introducing it into your operations.






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