What you need to know about motorcycle pod filters


It would help if you learned everything you can about motorcycle pod filters to ensure you get the best performance and protection from your vehicle. You also need to know how to care for your pod filters. Here are some tips to help you keep yours clean and free of clogged dirt and grime.


Keeping an eye on your air filter isn’t for the faint of heart. Not only does a dirty air filter decrease your engine’s performance, but it also takes up a fair amount of space. The best remedy is to clean your air box at regular intervals. It is also a good idea to wear a pair of service gloves. It is essential for motorcycle enthusiasts as it will prevent the build-up of allergens.

Although you’ll probably have to dig deep into your wallet for a new one, the rewards are well worth the effort. The main reason behind this is the safety factor. Your new ride is less likely to suffer from a blown head gasket or a broken radiator cap. Keeping your bike in top shape is as much about your riding skills as the road in front of you. Moreover, a quality aftermarket airbox will provide you with a hassle-free experience. The next time you are out on the streets, check your pod for defects before hitting the highway.

Oiled cotton gauze

The main advantage of an oiled filter is its ability to trap debris in the air and filter it out. They are reusable and can last longer than dry filters. You will need to clean them regularly. The disadvantage of these filters is that they tend to clog quickly. It could damage your mass airflow sensor or cause other catastrophic problems.

A pod filter is a small air filter that can be attached to the throttle body or directly to the carburetors. They are typically installed on custom bikes to allow them to breathe better than stock air boxes. Although they aren’t as durable as factory air boxes, they’re affordable and worth the investment.

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Other types of air filters include oiled foam and oiled polyurethane foam. These are good choices for dusty environments. These are typically an inch thick and are washable.

Oiled cotton gauze is another popular type of aftermarket filter. These filters are highly porous, which helps them capture debris in the air. 

Oiled foam

You’ll notice how dust and dirt get trapped in your air filters when you’re out riding on the trail. These dirt particles are tiny and can damage your engine. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent them from entering your intake system.

If you want to save money on something other than a new filter, there is another alternative: you can clean your existing air filter. You can do this with a foam air filter cleaner. When cleaning your filter, you can use solvent gloves to ensure the oil doesn’t get on your hands.

The oil layer on foam air filters makes them better at filtering. It also helps them to hold onto dirt. This makes them easier to remove from your bike after a ride.

You can use this type of filter for a long time. They are popular in off-road applications. They are great for trapping dirt, dust, and other debris. They aren’t as effective as paper air filters.

If you’re interested in adding a pod filter to your motorcycle, make sure that you select a quality one. Cheaper versions will perform poorly. It is essential if you plan on using your bike for off-road activities. You may even need to replace the filter after each ride.

You can also get oil-based air filters to increase performance. These filters are easy to use, clean, and more environmentally friendly than paper air filters.


A paper filter may be your best bet for a high-performance motorcycle, but it’s only for some. Most manufacturers use paper filters but they are less effective in dusty conditions. If you live in a dusty part of the world, consider an oiled gauze air filter instead. It can improve horsepower and torque and does away with the paper membrane.

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The paper filter that you may have on your air box may be the right fit, but if you want to get more air flowing through your engine, consider a pod filter. It’s no secret that a good air box will keep your motorcycle running smoothly and prevent debris from getting into your carbs and EFI system. It’s also a good idea to learn how to jet your carbs properly, as improper jetting can lead to lean mixtures and poor performance.

As with most motorcycle parts, buying a quality product is best. You should spend money on a high-quality pod filter. You can do this through a local dealer or online.


If you are looking for ways to increase the performance of your motorcycle, pod filters from https://purposebuiltmoto.com/motorcycle-pod-filters/  can be a great way to get started. However, you must ensure that you have a good tune and a reliable exhaust system to maximize the effectiveness of these filters.

Pod air filters are a standard replacement for the factory air box. They are relatively easy to install and inexpensive. You can find pod filters for around $50. They are designed to fit directly onto your motorcycle’s throttle bodies and provide significant airflow.

Pod filters do not offer a protective air box, unlike the stock air box. Therefore, they can be easily damaged by rain. It is also advisable to protect them with a bag or other cover. It will keep them out of the rain and keep them clean.

The downside to pod filters is that they do not filter the air as effectively as other filters. They are less effective at stopping dust from getting into your engine. Plus, they can cause air-to-fuel ratio problems.

Considering a new pod filter, consider buying a higher-quality one. Poor-quality filters can clog the main air jets and cause your motor to run poorly. They are also likely to be illegal in some states.

You can buy a pod filter in several colors, including black rubber, colored leather, and brushed aluminum. You can also purchase clamp-on pod filters designed to fit a wide range of bikes. They come with a one-year limited warranty.