Why Do You Need an Experienced Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Why Do You Need an Experienced Lawyer After a Car Accident

Every family and their dog look forward to a joyful car ride. Be it the long trips by the countryside, or the short one to the local mall, the fun of it is unmatched. It is perhaps why many consider it another member of the family. They are what make the streets come alive.

Sometimes though, they don’t bring liveliness but the opposite. Car accidents are a problem on roads, with thousands dying each year and many more getting injured. These tragedies happen despite the safety features that modern-day cars have to prevent them.

If you’ve undergone a car accident and you or other occupants have suffered injuries as a consequence, you can get compensation for it. You’ll need the help of acar accident lawyer well versed in dealing with car accident cases.

Reasons to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

There are many reasons why a car can experience an accident. Every such incident has plenty of variables to scrutinize to build a case. Hiring a car accident lawyer, especially a local one, will enable you to create such a case and get your deserved compensation. To make this possible, your lawyer will follow many steps.

Preliminary Investigation

A car accident can be a traumatic experience with varying degrees of injury to the occupants. Just the shock alone can render your cognitive abilities out of order. It can be hard to assess the true nature of the incident along with the details.

It gets worse if hospitalization is needed. Your focus will be on getting treatment, so the details of the accident and further legalities will be the last thing on your mind. Those looking to avoid paying their dues to you for the accident will seize the opportunity to put roadblocks in that path in many ways.

Hiring a lawyer after a car accident soon after the medical side of things is taken care of allows them to conduct a preliminary assessment of your situation. They’ll look closely into the site of the accident, the damages incurred to both vehicle and occupants, and other such variables vital to building a strong case.

Second and Third Party Communications

Likely, the other party or parties involved in the accident will also be building a case against you. Their lawyers could talk to you or those with you in the car at the time of the accident. They will seek to settle the matter out of court either by using the carrot or the stick.

It is unwise to pursue this route as you’ll likely not get the right amount of money owed. Your lawyer should do the talking to those people on your behalf. They’ll know what to say and how to avoid the tricks played by such people.

Your lawyer will also talk to law enforcement and insurers if needed. They will work closely with the police investigation to gather the details of the case. They’ll also negotiate on your behalf with insurers so that you’ll not get duped by them with low payouts.

Law Abidance

Many laws govern personal injury matters like car accident-related injuries. They also vary by state. Arizona, for example, has a statute of limitations for filing a case. Its period is two years from the date of the accident or death of someone involved. You’ll need a lawyer’s help to get that done within the stipulated time.

There’s also comparative negligence, which allows you to get compensated based on your share of the responsibility in causing the accident. Your lawyer will work to show that your share of the blame is as low as possible so that you’ll get the maximum compensation possible.

Car accidents can put a real dent in your life out of the blue. A car accident lawyer will see to it that there is a silver lining in that sky of dark clouds.