Wonderful Blonde Hair Colours to Choose This Year

Wonderful Blonde Hair Colours

The thought of colouring your hair blonde hair shade evokes a lot of images. You may think about bold blonde shades to create a statement while sometimes you may want to rock lighter colours.

However, regardless of how light or bold you want to go with your hair colour, you will find some of the best blonde hair colour variations here that will fit you excellently. Take a look.

1. Platinum Blonde Shade.

When it comes to blonde shades, the platinum is found on the lighter side of the colour spectrum. It is an excellent shade for fair skin complexions or those with medium skin tones. However, platinum appears great with any eye colour, but it is specifically beautiful on ladies with brown or bright blue eyes. Platinum has been popular for so long, but this amazing hair colour has taken several turns in recent years, usually on the entire colour.

2. Subtle Ash Blonde.

Subtle ash hair shade is a lighter colour of the blonde that features gray and ashy tint. This can be said to be cool platinum and appears great ladies with lighter skin complexions and lighter colour of the eye. If you are keen, you should have spotted Lady Gaga sporting it, which is effortlessly accomplished on lighter natural hues of hair through balayage styling.

3. Natural Blonde.

This hair colour is precisely the way it sounds here. It is a blonde hair colour that appears as if you were born with it. The natural blonde is multidimensional and features a myriad of blonde hues embedded in the same family hue. This blonde appears amazing on any skin tone as long as the colour complements the skin colour. For instance, if you have lighter skin, you would want to go for the brighter hues, and that also applies if you have a darker skin tone.

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Natural Blonde

4. Strawberry Blonde Hair Shade.

This is defined as a warm blonde shade that incorporates a variety of sunset hues in it. The tint is ideal for ladies with lighter eyes and fair to medium skin tone. However, it is achieved easily if the hair is light since it offers the best foundation to start at. Balayage over the light roots is one of the excellent ways of accomplishing the strawberry blonde shade.

5. Caramel Blonde.

This is a lighter golden hair shade. It looks beautiful on any skin tone, but it appears specifically great on medium to dark skin tone. It is a statement haircut of Reese Witherspoon, and when you see her wearing it, you will want to rock it as well. To keep your colour appearing as natural as possible, you will need to start colouring the base with dark golden blonde hair hue and then finish the shading with pale highlights around your face.

Black Blonde

6. Black Blonde.

Black blonde shade is, without a doubt, a reserved blond shade for dramatic looks that involve blonde hair colour and black hue rocked together. Since there is a sharp contrast between the dark locks and lighter locks on the head, this colour combination fits any skin complexion. Ombre is the best way to rock this two-shaded look, though you may also want to consider dark base and highlights of blonde. That works excellently too.

7. Chocolate Blonde

This is found on the other spectrum of the caramel blond hair that appears pretty cool and beautiful when matched with golden highlights. The best example of a celebrity who sports chocolate blonde is Beyoncé. She really looks pretty on it. Though this hair shade is best suited to darker skin tone and darker eyes, there is a way you can work on it to suit lighter skin tones. However, you would need to stay away from chocolate colours with immense while or orange tints.  They will look too unnatural on your darker skin complexion.

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8. Auburn Blonde Shade.

This is typically a strawberry blonde hair with a twist of chocolate. This amazing hair shade can be rocked on any skin complexion and looks great when paired with lighter eye colours such as hazel and blue. This is a beautiful transition shade from light summer blonde to darker winter colours also read the blue hair color that would be very useful to know how to apply for blue eyes.


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