Youtube Thumbnail Size- The Best Guide For You in 2020

Youtube Thumbnai Size

About Youtube Thumbnail Size

The best size for YouTube thumbnail images is 1280 x 720 pixels. The best aspect ratio for YouTube thumbnail images is 16:9. The minimum size is 640 pixels wide.

YouTube is essentiaally a visual platform. What’s more, it highlights thumbnails conspicuously. They fill in as the visual see, much like a book cover, and can have the effect between somebody clicking on your video or somebody else’s.

With the tremendous volume of videos that appear in list items and suggested records, having a reasonable and convincing thumbnail image is one way you can have your video stick out and pull in more viewers. So here’s manual for benefiting as much as possible from YouTube thumbnail images, including the best dimensions, filetypes, and best practices.

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Quick Guide

Here’s the fast from for the best dimensions to use for the YouTube thumbnail image.

  • Perfect Dimensions: 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Minimum Dimensions: 640 pixels wide
  • Most extreme filesize: 2MB
  • Image Files Formats: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP

YouTube Thumbnail Size Detailed Guide

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Peruse on for a progressive point by point clarification and a guide on the most proficient method to enable and utilize custom YouTube thumbnail images.

Why YouTube Thumbnail Images are Important

Your video’s thumbnail image works as a book cover. It’s your video’s early introduction. With YouTube progressively being an inquiry platform with conceivably a huge number of results, you’ll want your video to stand apart from the group with an eye-catching (yet precise!) thumbnail image. The image potential viewers will see first—it’s considerably more noticeable than the text of your video’s title.

It merits referencing that the YouTube thumbnail image is not quite the same as your channel’s flag image. In case you’re searching for the best YouTube pennant size to use, I have a different post on that.

Perfect YouTube Thumbnail Size

There is some adaptability in the image size you can use for your YouTube thumbnail, but on the other hand, there’s a perfect objective to focus on to get the best outcomes. Furthermore, that is an image that is 1280 pixels wide by 720 pixels tall.

This shouldn’t imply that it will display at 1280 x 720 pixels. Truth be told, more often than not, it won’t. It’s a lot bigger than is explicitly required in a significant number of the displays and records on the YouTube site, that bigger size keeps up adaptability when the video is inserted on external websites just as expanding the chances that it will remain sharp and fresh on high-thickness displays like Retina screens.

On the off chance that you were to an image with lower resolution, they could wind up being pixelated and foggy in certain displays.

The decision of 1280 by 720 pixels isn’t only some irregular size they picked out. It’s the dimensions of 720p video, which is considered HD video (though the most minimal limit of what’s considered HD video) and is frequently a default playback resolution.1

Minimum Image Size

YouTube says that the minimum width is 640 pixels.

By and by, that is not a hard breaking point. You can really upload an image smaller than that, and it will be acknowledged—you won’t get an error message. Yet, it’s not suggested, and you can anticipate that the image should be hazy for some users.

YouTube Thumbnail Image Aspect Ratio

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The best aspect ratio to use for your custom thumbnail is 16:9. You can upload a taller aspect ratio than that—state 4:3—and it will be acknowledged however will add black bars to either side. That is, it will fit the whole image into the crate and pad the overabundance. In like manner, you can include a narrower image like a panorama, and it will automatically include black bars at the top and bottom to pad to the 16:9 aspect ratio.

An aspect of 16:9 has become the defacto standard for HD video, particularly video that is intended for online use. It alludes to the ratio between the width and stature of the image.

It’s what most cameras and phones will shoot in naturally, and it’s the ideal aspect ratio for displaying on playback gadgets from TVs to smartphones to PC displays.

It’s significant this isn’t really an additional necessity you need to factor in. On the off chance that you focus on the perfect dimensions of 1280 by 720 pixels, that is as of now an aspect ratio of 16:9. Furthermore, if you somehow happened to grab a frame from your video, chances are the video was at that point shot in 16:9.

In this way, so, the aspect ratio isn’t continually something you have to worry much about. However, two times ring a bell when you wouldn’t have to think about it. One is in case you’re grabbing a frame from a video shot in an alternate aspect ratio, for example, 4:3. Another is in case you’re making a custom illustration to use as your YouTube thumbnail. Also, particularly in case you’re utilizing text on that realistic—you don’t want words or letters being totally or incompletely trimmed out.

Large Image Size

The largest file size of images you can upload to use as a thumbnail image on YouTube is 2MB. On the off chance that you upload a file that is bigger than that, you’ll get a warning that “File is greater than 2MB,” and it will be dismissed.

Perfect File Formats

Your image can be in JPG (or JPEG), PNG, GIF (non-vivified), and BMP image file formats.

There’s another, more up to date image format that some smartphones (e.g., iPhones) presently use as a matter of course. What’s more, that is HEIC (for High-Efficiency Image Format). YouTube’s upload work won’t let you select a HEIC file, so you’ll first need to change over it to JPG.

You likewise can’t utilize RAW images (eg. a few examples of images with file extensions, for example, .dng, .nef, .crw, .arw, or .gpr). Those should be prepared first and uploaded as JPGs.

The most effective method to Choose a Custom Thumbnail Image on YouTube

As a matter of course, YouTube will let you look over an automatically produced determination of still frames taken from the movie. You can likewise upload a custom thumbnail. That is particularly useful for utilizing thumbnails that incorporate title text or other useful and relevant graphics.

Be that as it may, another YouTube account doesn’t have the alternative to upload and pick a custom thumbnail enabled as a matter of course. It an element you have to enable for your account first. To do that, you initially have to verify your account. It’s apparently an approach to reduce the measure of thumbnail spam on the platform.

Instructions to Verify Your YouTube Account so as to Enable Custom Thumbnail Images

The procedure to verify your YouTube account is a basic 2-step process. You’ll should have the option to get the confirmation code on your phone.

  • Step 1: Log into YouTube.
  • Step 2: You can discover the check screen at
  • Then, Step 3: Follow the guidelines to choose your nation and to send the check code by means of text or phone call.
  • Step 4: Enter the 6-digit check code and hit Submit.
  • Step 5: You should then get a message that it was effective. Hit proceed.
  • Step 6: You’ll at that point get a screen that shows a lattice of identifications showing your account’s status and enabled and qualified highlights. Custom thumbnails should now be enabled for every one of your videos.

Step by step instructions to Upload a Custom Thumbnail for a Video

To upload a custom thumbnail for your video, first open the YouTube Studio. Go to the video you want to work on and the Video Details > Basic tab. Mostly down the page, you’ll discover the Thumbnail segment, and the left-hand box ought to be to “Upload thumbnail.”

Questions and answers About YouTube Thumbnail Images

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What are thumbnails on YouTube?

Thumbnails in YouTube are the image sees that are utilized to display the video in playlists. They’re a despite everything image, not a video.

You can see them displayed conspicuously in YouTube list items just as records, for example, the “Up Next” line and Library and Subscription playlists. The thumbnail image is likewise displayed when a video is implanted on an external site. Besides the thumbnail, here is how you can increase your views on youtube easily. 

How would you change the thumbnail size on YouTube?

YouTube controls the display size and shape of the image on the YouTube website. So you can’t control the size that viewers see when they visit

Be that as it may, you can upload a custom thumbnail image that is bigger. A case of when that may be useful is if your thumbnail image is pixelated or foggy, and you want to transform it to one that is sharper.

What size is a YouTube thumbnail in Photoshop?

The perfect size to focus on while making a custom thumbnail for YouTube utilizing Photoshop is 1280 by 720 pixels. You can set that as the dimensions in making another document, harvest to those dimensions, or set the size when you spare or export the image.

What resolution or PPI/DPI would it be a good idea for you to use for a YouTube thumbnail image?

In case you’re exporting an image from Photoshop or another image editor that lets you determine a resolution in PPI, you don’t have to worry about what value to utilize. The dimensions matter—that is, the quantity of pixels wide by high—yet the resolution setting will be overlooked.

What JPG quality setting to utilize?

YouTube’s servers will pack the image as a component of the upload procedure. Insofar as you keep the file underneath the 2MB file size cutoff, it’s good practice to upload the best quality JPG (i.e., with the least pressure) that you can. That is particularly significant in the event that you remember text or graphics for your thumbnail image.