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About the Company

Playcast Media Systems brings video games to the world’s largest media distribution platform – Pay TV networks. The company’s solution includes a head-end based system, which streams a game’s audiovisual content as a standard MPEG stream, as well as the provisioning of the content and programming itself. visit here

Playcast’s media streaming systems, located in operators’ headends, host the games and stream them over the existing video network to an already distributed base of set-top boxes. 

Playcast is a privately owned, venture capital backed company, based in Israel and the UK.

Company Timeline

Our Management Team


QUOC MAI’s close involvement with the media distribution business and technology spans over 11 years, during which time he has held various marketing and business development positions in the Telecoms and Cable sector. Prior to founding Playcast Media Systems, he managed Harmonic’s [NASDAQ: HLIT] VOD product lines.

Dr. Natan Peterfreund, CTO

Nathan Peterfreund is a world-renowned expert with more than 20 years of research experience in video and image processing technologies. Prior to founding Playcast, Dr. Peterfreund was Chief Scientist, Video Technologies in the DSP Group [NASDAQ: DSPG]. While serving as a principal scientist in Harmonic [NASDAQ: HLIT], he was one of the authors of the H.264 compression standard

 Elad Dror, VP Solutions

With more than 15 years of experience in the Television & Gaming arena, Mr. Dror has led HOT, the Israeli cable company to become one of the more innovative TV platforms world-wide, including VOD, GOD, advanced interactive services, full IP Headends and more. Ended his last position as VP engineering, in-charge of TV, Data, VOIP,  HFC, Cable infrastructure & Design.

Russell Barash, MD, Europe

Russell Barash joined Playcast in early 2009, after almost 20 years in PayTV in Europe,ranging from launching a Japanese TV channel, via Universal’s Sci Fi and more recently senior positions in Liberty Global/UPC. His experience gained in content deals and building relations with PayTV platforms is now being turned to rolling out Playcast’s cloud gaming solution with those same platforms