Easily Convert Your Excel Files To PDF Through GogoPDF

Easily Convert Your Excel Files

The use of Excel and Spreadsheets is very common to many people, especially in business and finance. It has many advantages to it since you could manage your finances or data quickly and conveniently by converter tool. 

If you wish to send the Excel file to your workmates or anyone without them editing or modifying the data, you may opt-in to convert them into a PDF file and correct them. You will need an Excel to PDF converter.

Using gogopdf’s converter tool

Using their tool is not a challenging task, and you could easily understand how to operate it properly. You don’t need a particular skill or knowledge to convert Excel to PDF online using their platform. 

You will have the choice to pick options to upload or input your Excel or Spreadsheet file into the tool. You could click on the “Select Files” button to locate your file in your computer, drag the file from your computer folder, or get the file from your cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive.

How to use the Excel to PDF converter tool

The instructions on how to use their tool are simplified in four easy steps. These instructions are provided underneath the feature, and anyone could easily follow these steps. 

The first step is to select the file that you want to convert, and then the second step will be performed by a tool, which is the process of conversion. All you have to do is to wait for the conversion to finish. It will not be processed for an extended period, so you will only have to wait for a few seconds.

After GogoPDF has converted your Excel file to a PDF file format, you are now eligible to download your converted file to your computer or copy a link so you could share them with your friends or co-workers.

GogoPDF advantageous features

Using their converter tool will only require a few clicks and a waiting time of a few seconds. You won’t have to stall too much time to get your desired results since the conversion is quick and easy. 

You can also expect with GogoPDF is that the quality of your file  will not be compromised during conversion with their tool. GogoPDF will make sure that there will be no loss in the formatting of your file. 

Accessibility to their tools is not a problem since it could still work well on any operating systems or device and the type of browser you use is not an issue. Your privacy and data privacy will not be put into harm since GogoPDF prioritizes their client’s security and privacy. 

Your files will be protected and deleted after an hour you have accessed or converted your files using their tool. You could check more about their privacy policy on their website. Using their platform is beneficial since you won’t need to consume or take your computer or device’s storage since it is done online.

Registration, subscriptions, and other features

Registration is not mandatory for clients who wish to use their tools. Their registration feature is not yet available, so you won’t have to enter your personal information to access them. As for the subscription, it is also not available and will be coming soon. 

Their platform is not only limited to Excel to PDF conversion since they also offer other tools and features that could cater to your PDF needs. Some of the features they offer are Compress PDF, Merge PDF, Unlock PDF, Conversion from and to PDF file formats, and so much more. 


If you are searching for the perfect pdf converter tools that you could use for free, then gogopdf is the one for you. They offer many other tools that you can enjoy and take advantage of for no cost!