Top Strategies to help you bet on eSports Live Dota 2 Tournaments Online and make money

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Since the rise of the eSports Industry, Dota 2 live tournaments have been one of the most-watched tournaments online. Henceforth, it also attracts the gambling craving of many betters out there. So, if you want to bet on online games and make some extra pocket money, PlayGrid is the right platform to do it. 

To begin with, Dota 2 is a multiplayer video game that is becoming widely prominent among eSports players. For the most part, this game follows the plot where the players are required to protect the people of the ancient community. Henceforth, many exciting battle scenes come forward during the eSport Tournaments. And that’s a perfect chance for you to bet on your favorite player and win some money for yourself. get more details visit here 

Are you a new tyro when it comes to betting on eSports tournaments, especially Dota 2? Well! If yes, don’t worry! Because our experts brought to you – top strategies that will help you bet on eSports Live Dota 2 Tournaments with over 90% success rate. Can’t wait to win? Let’s learn: 

#1: Have extra time on hand? Watch past Dota 2 tournaments

Before you bet small or big pennies on Dota 2 players, you must watch the tournaments with an open mind. The reason behind this is that Dota 2 is a widely strategic game. Not only do players play it fine, however, its backend system is also very strategic. Thus, if you bet on a weak player, you will definitely lose your hard-earned money. 

While viewing Dota 2 Tournaments, you can note down which battles are easy for players to win in the beginning. Because Dota 2 walkthrough ensures a rigid game format. Thus, you will know when your preferred player has the best chance of winning. 

Similarly, while you stream feeds of past Dota 2 tournaments, you can note down the name and gaming style of the best players. Therefore, you will know exactly when to beat the odds and win money off their amazing gameplay. 

#2: Never drop weapons for random bets

When it comes to beginners on the lines of bettings on eSports tournaments, many gamblers fall for moments where a large sum of other gamblers are betting on a player. That’s where you tend to fail! We highly advise our readers to avoid betting when everyone is! The reason is that once you start following the footsteps of other gamblers, you lose focus of the actual game. Thereafter, you wouldn’t indeed know which player is actually good and which one is just over-exaggerated. 

What’s the solution? A simple solution to winning bets on Dota 2 tournaments is to follow up and closely view the gaming style of players or teams which have persistently won the games in the past. As a result, you will build credibility in players who are, in fact, good in place of those who just have a large sum of gamblers on their side. 

#3: Don’t believe in ‘false mouthers’

Likewise, in real life, players or teams well-known for Dota 2 tournaments online also receive a bad reputation because of false mouthers. These false things said about Dota 2’s brilliant players transform your attention towards those players who are not that good. But, you are a real victim of false mouthers if you fall for their lies and myths created in order to deliver a bad name to the team. 

What to do? The way to deal with a false mouther is to avoid what they say. Instead, you should go online and watch the team player and make up your own opinion about the teams. It will help you figure out which side you are on. Remember! The chances of winning a bet strategically increase if you have confidence in your team. 

#4: Bet with an open mind

More often than not, beginners in eSports feel overwhelmed by the feeling of winning or losing money because some stranger loses a battle in Dota 2. If you go on a bookkeeping site with this mindset, the chances are you will end up losing money because you are not confident in your decision or teams in that manner. 

Thus, we advise you to take your time and watch the Dota 2 tournament closely. View which player is winning most of the battles. Note Down players who are insightful and often make the right decision. And then, when the time is right, place your bet. 

Want to know about Dota 2 tournaments? Drop your queries below. Till then, Good luck!