How to Create the Best Powder Room

Best Powder Room

The powder room, is often a conundrum for home design and decor. It is a room so small that real estate agents will utilize the term ‘half’ in front of its origin. The guest bathroom is a space that is often ignored in home design. The ignorance comes from its limited use, but this does not have to factor into the determination of major statements that are held within. This blog will be about How to Create the Best Powder Room.

This blank canvas is a space where the room owner can introduce some spunk and funk. It is a space where imaginations can run wild and fancy can be tickled with the loud cries that are beckoning to be released. Below is a guide that will help to invest 7 different choices into the decision-making process for the best powder room design.

1. The Poster Room

Blank walls hold a lot of intrigue in terms of home design. Often painted to fit the theme of the interior and exterior, the powder room takes the backseat to design preference. Filling white space with poster collections can round-up a theme in a matter of minutes. Posters are an inexpensive purchase that creates large coverage options. And, you can make your own custom posters with your favorite pictures.

For example, for the standardized poster size, one can fill their powder room walls by purchasing 15-20 different posters. The statement that relies upon the genres of choice can suit anyone’s style and offer an opportunity to create the ‘wow-factor’ for guests.

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2. Makeup Central

The powder room can double as a makeup depot for your significant other. If you are sick of the sharing of space, place makeup organizers and countertop options in your powder room. By adding storage space for your makeup collection, you can keep your master bathroom clear of clutter and increase the surface space for use. 

Storage options can range from small, drawer organizers to stand-up cabinetry that holds a larger amount of product. The range of options for this selection remains limitless. Lastly, there are a variety of great makeup organizers available to check out online.

3. Floor Statements

One of the best ways to draw attention to the powder room is to start with flooring options. A floor that sparks color combinations and is patterned with darker shades will boost the presence of the walls and surrounding elements. 

If you want to stick within a budget, hardwood flooring options or pieced, ceramic tiles will go a long way to improving the design and functionality of your powder room.

4. Stone Introduction

There is a heavy statement to be made with the inclusion of stone elements. Vanities that combine the use of marble or treated granite will create an eye-pleasing sight. Plastering the wall coverage with stone looks (real or imitation) will keep the focus off the other elements within the room. 

A little stone goes a long way to improving the visual acuity of your powder room and it can keep the budget within a rounded goal. Stone can also be cut to fit your idea of splendor, marking it as a versatile element of inclusion.

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5. Entire Coverage Painting

If painting is more your speed, be sure to embrace the idea of full coverage. Hit the ceiling, the walls, and the floor. Lighter colors will add that desired spunk and funk. 

Dark, rich colors help to add the intrigue of space even if there isn’t any to be had. If you are going with color options, go all-in. Treating small amounts will reduce the focus on the colored areas, calling for an entire makeover to be vested within your future.

6. Spruce the Mirror

Making mirror statements is the best way to call attention to the depth of your room. Centering lighting to be focused upon this element can be carried from above. 

The downward-facing, angled lighting technique is crucial to making the mirror a focal point. Other design options see the surrounding border of lighting to bring the natural brilliance of a focal point into your powder room.

7. Don’t Forget the Door

One region that is often left far from the selling points of a powder room is the door leading to this space. The door and entryway is an important starting point because it represents the start and gateway to the escape. 

Adding small signage or decor items will leave the intrigue in the entryway. By placing small hints before the reveal, the homeowner can create a larger sense of intrigue behind the excitement that their powder room may be holding.