The Best TV Shows About Students and University Life

TV Shows About University Life

College life is hectic. It’s one of those times in life when you always have to be on high alert and expect the unexpected, especially for Australian students. No wonder why so many old students and newcomers are looking for the best university TV shows to watch. What every student wants is something they can relate to, something funny and all-out crazy. In cases such as these, nothing beats campus TV series.

 TV Shows About University Life

Top 6 TV Shows About University Life

No matter if you live in Australia or anywhere around the world, drama and comedy series are in high demand. With more than 46% of global interest in drama and 17.5% in comedy, it’s safe to say that TV shows with a mix of both make for a solid pick.

That’s where university TV shows come into play. They have everything an Australian student needs; a slice of life, a bit of romance, fun, and games, and of course, drama. More and more drama. For any aspiring writer or hardworking student, this is something that can be very close to heart.

With all the essay writing and projects piling up, it’s easy to get demotivated. It’s a good idea to watch TV shows about the university to get the motivation and inspiration you need. Especially if you have an assignment due next week, writing in Australia as a college student can be draining, one essay after the other, there is no end to them. If you are stuck on any project or movie critique, you might want to ask if Australian Edubirdie can write my essay. Sometimes an expert essay writer may be exactly what you need. But, if you are done with all the writing for the day, its time to take a break and watch some good olTV series.

If you are looking for the ultimate TV shows about university life, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve selected the best shows any college student will love. So, here are our picks for 2020.

1. Most Relatable University TV Shows: Fresh Meat (2011-2016)

Their life has been boring up until the point they entered uni. Follow the journey of six college students as they try to tackle all the challenges college has in store for them.

2. Most Dramatic Campus TV Series: Hello, My Twenties (2016-)

Korean TV shows are kings and queens of drama. Experience the life of five completely different college students with utterly unique ways of life. They must accept their differences since they are all going to live together in one house.

3. The Craziest TV Show: Undeclared (2001-2003)

College is all about going out with friends, throwing wild parties, finding love, and of course, writing an assignment and a bunch of homework. But, when your recently divorced and lonely father decides to tag along, that’s when things start to get crazy. This is exactly what Steve Karp, the college freshman has to deal with in college.

4. Most Popular Campus TV Series: Community (2009-2015)

When you think about university TV shows, the Community is hard to miss. It depicts the life of the not-so-typical college students and takes on a whole different approach. Instead of showing how it really is to live on campus, this TV show focuses on the strange characters that live there. You have the lawyer that desperately tries to get a degree – the one he lied he had, a film student completely obsessed with pop culture, a single mom studying to have a chance at opening her own business, a millionaire who has nothing better to do, and a wounded athlete that lost his scholarship. Now they all go to the same college.

5. Hard to Compete With TV Show: Greek (2007-2011)

Rusty Cartwright no longer wants to be the boring nerd he has always been. Now, he wants to crank it up a notch and go all the way in college. He pledges a fraternity. Now, he must try his best to handle everything life will throw at him.

6. The TV Show that Will Make Your Cry and Laugh: Dear White People (2017-)

Ivy College is predominantly white students. When a group of black freshmen joins, they have to navigate their way through all kinds of discrimination and racial remarks.


No matter which shows you pick, whether you go for the funniest one or the most relatable option on this list, all campus TV series are here to capture the spirit of life in college. They might be over-the-top, but there is nothing more interesting than exaggerated drama. Have you made your pick? Let us know in the comments.