When to Consider Relocating to The United States

Relocating to The United States

Living in a country as an immigrant embodies a lot of new adventures and lessons to be learned. It is somehow heartbreaking to leave one’s motherland for a new country where one will become an alien. Being able to ignore the difficulty in moving away from one’s country shows how determined one is to be successful in whatever plan one has for the new country. Being successful in a country depends on how friendly the country is to immigrants and how much the immigration law of the country favors immigrants. Before embarking on a journey to another country as an immigrant, it is important to find all possible information about the country before going there. Relocating to the United States is a big task. It is a task that has a lot of procedures that one has to take. There is a great difference between relocation and tourism. Going to the United States for tourism is quite easy as one will secure just a temporary visa while it takes a long term visa for one to relocate to the United States legally. Because of the intensive nature of getting a long term visa in the United States, a lot of immigrants do result to securing the tourist visa and end up violating it deliberately by not returning to their country on the right date and rather live in the country as illegal immigrants. The most necessary thing to know while relocating to the United States is the best time to relocate as the stress and financial expenses to immigrate do vary from time to time. There are few times in the United States, which is good for immigrants to relocate due to some advantageous reasons that are attached to them. In this blog, you will know When to Consider Relocating to The United States. Times that one should consider relocating includes:

Massive sport or entertainment events – the United States as the most powerful country in the world do host a lot of massive sports events. Relocating to the United States always get easier whenever such massive events are taking place in the country. For instance, the United States had a very high increase in the number of immigrants in the year 1994 because she hosted the FIFA world cup that year. A lot of immigrants used the opportunity of the world cup to relocate to the United States and settle in the country. Another way by which events do help immigrants in the United States is by being an entertainer or renowned professor attending a recognized event you were invited to. There are various ways by which relocation to the United States during events can help. The ways include:

  • Tourist visa – the country will be left with no choice than to give a tourist visa to immigrants who are coming to the country to watch matches or support their teams till the competition ends. 
  • Lenient Immigration – The United States immigration do reduce the rate at which they arrest illegal immigrants. This time can be used to settle into the country as an immigrant without the disturbance of immigration officers.

If your country is among the visa waiver program countries and you are planning a trip to the United States, then you will have to apply for the ESTA America. The ESTA is similar to the visa just that the esta is for citizens of visa waiver program countries why the visa is for every other nationality traveling to the United States. Receive ESTA esta status online if you are eligible for the esta.

Winter – there is always a low turnout of immigrants in the United States during winter due to the cold weather, slippery environment, and other atmospheric decadences that are common during that period. As a result of the low turnout, there are few things that can be advantageous to immigrants during that period. The advantages of relocating to the United States during winter include:

  • Increase in the number of long term visa – during winter, the United States does give out more long term visas than they do during summer. This is the reason why it is very advisable to apply for the United States during winter especially if one is a first-time applicant.

Low flight expenses – airlines always have a low rate of patronage during the winter as passengers prefer to travel during summertime. As a result of the low patronage that airlines do experience during winter, they always reduce their price drastically. The reduction in the price of flight is a bonus for immigrants who want to relocate to the United States. This is why winter is the best time for immigrants to book flight tickets. Getting flights at low prices during the winter does not mean the quality of the flights will depreciate. The flights will remain as good as they were when their prices were high during summer.