3 App Categories You Should Explore Today

3 App Categories

Currently, mobile applications have become a key part of our lives. People are using apps for everything since they have such a convenient format. Everybody’s chasing the mobile game, publishing more apps than ever before. Even if supply is at an all-time high, demand is also increasing constantly, further contributing to the growth of this industry. In this blog, you will be knowing 3 App Categories You Should Explore Today.

Since there are so many apps, it’s always fun to explore certain categories to find something new. Google Play has a large number of categories for apps, covering most preferences and needs. You might not have the time to explore them all, so we summarized a list with the 3 most important app categories that you should explore.

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The landscape of mobile gaming is under constant change, pushing developers to create better and more optimized games. This category is a highly popular one since many mobile users decide to download games. Adventure games, puzzle, and casino represent some of the most played niches for mobile gaming.

People started preferring online gambling over the offline one thanks to the many upsides it holds. Gambling apps are highly accessible since you only need to click download to get them. Nowadays, you can pretty much play the free slots from any phone configuration, making gambling a viable entertainment option for people.

Moreover, casino apps are usually available for free, in both Google Play and Apple. They are optimized for the mobile space and can be a great source of entertainment thanks to their dynamic format. The designs, smooth gameplay, and engaging sounds can authentically replicate offline gambling.

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With the evolution of mobile technologies, developers started creating larger games with better graphics to satisfy a bigger part of the market. Whilst only a few years ago games like Angry Birds and Subway Surfer were the market leaders, people now tend to go for something like Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile.


Even if productivity apps might sound a bit boring, they are essential for the mobile ecosystem since they can help users save a lot of time. They are great for accomplishing tasks fast, maximizing the professional lives of users. Apps like Docs, Sheets, and Evernote are available on both iOS and Android. These are simple apps that allow users to analyze and store data easily.

However, apps like Wunderlist, RescueTime, and Todoist are great for time management, enabling users to better optimize their day-to-day activities. The competition in this market is quite high so, more often than usual, the app that can save users’ the most time gets the highest amount of downloads.


As people started paying more attention to the quality of their lives, this app category started becoming a fundamental one in our culture. These are apps that support the different parts of the user’s lifestyle. People use these apps daily, in their pursuit of a more comfortable life.

Plenty types of individual apps are part of this category. Fitness and food apps allow users to have a better lifestyle, helping them achieve their health goals faster. Music apps like Spotify are also part of this category since music is an intrinsic part of everybody’s lives. If you take a deep-dive in this category you’re ensured to find something you like.

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