What paper types are hip for postcards?


Will you be printing wedding cards, birth announcements or postcards (translation: ansichtkaarten drukken in Dutch) soon? And are you looking for a nice paper type? Developments in the area of paper types are rapid. There are now numerous special types of paper to choose from. In this article you will find out which ones are currently in vogue or which you may not yet know.

Growing Paper

Get growing paper printed (translation: groeipapier bedrukken in Dutch) if you want your message to literally grow. Growing paper has seeds incorporated in the core of the paper. You don’t throw away the card after receiving it, but you plant it in soil. After a short period of time, flowers or herbs will grow from the paper. The paper is beige and has a speckling. These are the seeds that are incorporated into the paper. These seeds can also be felt, giving the paper a texture.

Kraft paper

Kraft cardboard is brown and has a robust and natural appearance. You can print on it very nicely with a design using only white or black colors. Choose kraft cardboard if you want a durable look. Kraft cardboard is super sturdy. You may also know this type of paper from sustainable packaging.

Gold, silver or pearl cardboard

This paper type is very suitable for festive events such as weddings. Printing on gold, silver or pearl gives a luxurious and festive look. It literally makes your design shine. The paper is colored right to the core, so there are no white edges after cutting. If you choose this type of paper, it is wise to keep the printing dark. A light print can disappear on this paper.

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Elephant Poop Paper

This paper type is – as the name suggests – made from elephant poop. This sustainable paper type is light brown. Don’t worry, the paper has no nasty smells! The paper can be beautifully printed with a full color design. This allows you to go all the way with your design and also add a nice photo, for example.

Durable papers are mega hip. They often have a special look. In addition, you also make a sustainable choice and that is better for the environment! Elephant dung paper is just one of the examples of sustainable paper. You also have beer paper, paperwise, cotton paper, recystar, biotop and much more!

Are you unsure which type of paper you would like to use? Then you can go to many printers for a sample. That way you can be sure you are making the right choice!