5 Fun Bubble Games for Kids

5 Fun Bubble Games

There’s something wondrous about the sight of bubbles, particularly to young children. The delicate sudsy orbs are instant fun. They also stimulate senses and promote experimentation.So, grab your materials and try these 5 Fun Bubble Games for Kids:

  1. Bubble Joy

The first of these five fun bubble games for kids is called Bubble Joy. Invite your child to combine a bowl of water and liquid soap to concoct “bubbly water.” Then, encourage experimentation by getting them to notice what happens when different soap quantities are added, and how the bubbly water feels on their hands.

Once you have your child use the straw to create bubbles, you’ll see how excited they are by the glistening ephemeral spheres. Get the youngster to point out the biggest and smallest bubbles, and to listen for the tiny “pop” when each bubble breaks.

Have your child scoop up bubbles in his or her hands and clap to make it “snow,” then see what kinds of bubbles can be made by blowing into the water. Your kiddo can also use a cup or spoon to try to transfer bubbles from one container to another.

  1. Blowing Bubble Art

Another game in the bubbles for kids category is Blowing Bubble Art. This super simple activity involves pouringa soap and water bubble mixture into a large bowl, then adding a few drops of food coloring. Have your child place a straw in the bowl and gently blow to form bubbles. Once the bubbles breach the bowl’s liphave the youngster take a sheet of paper and place it atop the bowl. Once the paper is removed, your child will have a fun, colorful “bubble picture.”

  1. Bubble Pop Freeze Dance
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Combining freeze dancing and bubble popping, this activity is a surefire way to stimulate kids and show them a good time. All you need is an uncluttered space, music, and … bubbles.

To start, play some party sounds to get the kids dancing. While the youths are doing their thing, you and another adult will blow bubbles into the dance space and have the dancers pop as many bubbles as possible.

When the music stops, the kids must cease all activity and freeze in place — a likely challenge for little ones who are more inclined to want to continue popping. Anyone who fails to freeze is out of the gameBUT can help blow bubbles into the crowd. Continue playing until just one player is left.

  1. Bubble Contest

In this friendly contest, give the kids a few minutes to choose from a pre-arranged box of bottles and straws. That’s a nice personal touch. Then, see who can blow the biggest bubble, the longest-lasting one, or the one with the most unique shape. Also, get the kids to try to get one bubble inside the other.

  1. Soap, Water, Pop!

For this one you’ll need 10 cups of water, a cup of liquid soap, a teaspoon of glycerin (optional), a wide flat pan, straws, and chenille sticks like the ones used to clean pipes.

For starters, have the kids mix the water, soap, and glycerin in a pan. Then get them to make bubble wands by forming the top of the chenille sticks into large and small circlesand twisting the end into handles. The straws can be used to make tiny bubbles.

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Next, have the youngsters dip the wands in the soapy mix, and blow! You can also get them to test different ways of blowing on the soap film — hard or gently,fast or slow — and to see how the wind affects where the bubbles go.

Bubbles are enchanting, inexpensive tools for awakening kids’ senses and encouraging creative play. Now that you have five fun bubble games for kids, your child can have a blast while learning new skills.



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