Best Hidden Object Games for your Android Phones

hidden object games

Introduction to Hidden-Object Games

There are various types of game genres that you can play on your android phone, like Multiplayer, Arcade, etc. Many gamers like to play games hidden object games if they are into puzzle-solving or mysteries. These games take out your inner detective and put it to the test. If you also like to solve the mysteries, you should check out these Hidden Object Games on your Android Phones.

June’s Journey

June’s Journey ranks at the highest on this list for several reasons. This hidden object game offers players an arresting story filled with mysteries that you need to solve by finding hidden objects—as with most of the hidden object games for Android, playing the game is somewhat simple. The players need to just tap on objects in the scenery, relying upon the clues given. In the game, you’ll play as June Parker.

You will be a part of her journey to uncover a family secret. Alongside the fundamental objective of searching for clues and solving levels, the game will let you customize your own outstanding estate island, which gives an additional twist to the game. Be that as it may, you’ll have to have a sharp eye for hidden clues as the high ranking levels may leave you confused. You’ll also need to piece the puzzles to each wrongdoing mystery by solving some mind-blowing puzzles.


Ravenhill is another fantastic hidden object game that also involves terrific mystery. The game allows you to customize your character directly at the start. This gives an essential and one of a kind piece of its storyline. A storyline which talks about a once flourishing city that has suddenly become a ghost town. It would be best if you found hidden objects in every area you visit, trying to make sense of where the town’s populace’s entire populace has vanished. Each level has a restrictive time limit. In which you need to find all the hidden objects. This adds a degree of energy as compared to the rest of the games. If you don’t figure out how to finish a level in the given time, you can settle up with in-game gold to provide the level some additional time.

Murder in the Alps

Murder in the Alps is one of the most energizing hidden object games. As you can play it over hours and enjoy intelligent gameplay. You need to find hidden objects across numerous levels to solve a murder mystery in this particular game. The game features various scenic locations where you need to solve puzzles. This in order to sort out the crime that took place at an inn. The inn is situated in the Alps. The game also features a strategy control that provides hints to the gamers consistently to assist players with the clues. You can gather various kinds of achievements as well. There’s More! One can even indulge in some cool small games (within the game)while solving the mystery!

NCIS: Hidden Crimes

This game lets you play as a Special Agent in the NCIS. By doing so, you can investigate the crimes of murders in the US Navy and Marine Corps. You are solving your way through one mystery scene after another by finding hidden objects. NCIS: Hidden Crimes features six diverse hidden object game modes. If you appreciate these kinds of games by any chance, and in case you’re a significant fan of NCIS, you should get this one immediately.


In this game, you can play as the Seeker! The consists of an amazing Magical Map, which keeps you holding with keen interest. The map will also assist you as you save the city. You have to save the city from the oppression of the curse. Seekers Notes offers you an astounding set of hidden object puzzles spread across many levels. The game also involves a fabulous plot with surprising twists and turns. Seekers Notes allows you to finish the intriguing 6,400 quests and assemble or collect more than 810 novel items. All of this happens as you progress through the levels. Moreover, the game also allows you to interact and exchange items with the residents of Darkwood. This helps you to solve the mystery faster.

Criminal Case

One of the most well-known hidden object games for Android. Criminal Case is a must-have for fans of detective shows like CSI. The game is about you using your skills as a detective to solve crimes and battle for justice. Investigate the mysterious crime scene with utmost focus. As if without it, you may miss some of the clues. The clues will eventually assist you in nailing down the perpetrators and help you put them behind bars. To help you get through a step where you are stuck on a hard leve, the game also offers a clever indication button. This button will give you simpler clues and hints with which you can find the hidden objects.

Alice in the Mirrors of Albion

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s novels, Alice in the Mirrors of Albion. This game is another one of the most extraordinary hidden object games. This will take you on a journey to reveal hidden objects to beat the quashing the underhanded schemes of the Queen of Hearts. The game features a vast amount of cut-scenes. These cut-scenes will help you to investigate and uncover the hidden objects. You get to meet a lot of interesting characters as well. In the game, you also have to battle the evil lords. Solve the punishing puzzles and experience unexplained mysteries to satisfy your mission in the Victorian-time setting.

Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala

If you find the usually hidden object games somewhat monotonous and search for something more visually engaging, you should give Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala an attempt. In contrast to most of the games on this list, Enigmatis 3 offers players an increasingly powerful power to find hidden objects. This is including short video clips that help in the progress of the story. While they also give you short scenes where you can tap on clues to continue pushing ahead on the next level. The game also features 25 mini-games and puzzles to enable the player to find what is stowing away in the old monastery. All of this is taking place at the highest point of a snow-secured mountain.

Sherlock Holmes Hidden Objects Detective Game

In Case you’re fanatic about how Sherlock Holmes systematically solves his cases, you need to give it a shot yourself. You should download Sherlock Holmes Hidden Objects Detective Game – a thrilling hidden object game that is set in Arthur Conan Doyle’s anecdotal world. As with most different games on this list, the game gives players several distinctive mysterious crime scenes and they need to assist Holmes in distinguishing the clues and solving the case. Sherlock Holmes Hidden Objects Detective Game packs above 1000 hidden objects spread across different levels. This helps you to appreciate and hold on to it for quite a long time until the very end.

Crime City Detective: Hidden Object Adventure

Help Detective Dark solve criminal cases by turning into a senior agent of the FBI. You have to help in finding hidden objects spread across the crime scene. The game features various investigations with all-around considered plots. The plot revolves around the crime scenes that you have to investigate. Gather proof, question suspects, and solve mysteries in this energizing hidden object game. You can even play with your friends to finish extra game features or evaluate the hidden-objects mode in Case you’re searching for something more challenging.

Seekers Notes

You may be asking why I’ve included such an obsolete and unique game on this list. After all the things are considered, this is because I see it as one of the most challenging hidden object games out of the lot. Seekers Notes, due to its poor graphical quality, poses a significant challenge as you need to look really close to find the hidden objects. There’s no storyline as the backbone of the game. However, every scene is progressively harder to crack than the previous one. As the difficulty increases with the exceptional increase of the hidden objects. You can choose between two game modes – content and silhouette – the two of which accompany their very own set of challenges.

Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor

In Endless Fables 3: Dark Moor, you play as Pamela Cavendish. She is a prestigious anthropologist who goes to Scotland and discovers a dark moor. The attraction towards the moor forces her to follow the astonishing legend of the Red Moon. You have to assist Cavendish to reveal the mysteries. You also have to visit the 35 notable locations to solve more than 40 personality bowing riddles. As you continue the game storyline, you also get to meet ten mysterious characters en route. Endless Fables 3: Dark Moon is another challenging hidden object game that will keep you stuck to your smartphone’s screen for a long time.

Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light

Reveal the dark mysteries of antiquated Egypt in Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light. This is a challenging hidden object game that will test your observational skills. In the game, you’ll play as Lila, prestigious Demon Hunter Dawn Ashmoore’s niece, who’s on her auntie’s rescue. Who belongs to Seth. Solve the riddles of light and defy the dark forces in order to defeat and destroy the demons. By doing so, you’ll also be able to rescue Ashmore, which is the main objective of this game. The game also features various artifacts spread across the uncovering sites to gather to =progress in your mission and go further.

Snark Busters: All Revved Up

Are you prepared to catch some spooky Snarks? Because this is the Snark Busters Club, and if you need your name among the top hunters, you should find one for yourself. These Snarks are going to go from one world to the next and hop dimension to dimension. So it won’t be easy getting them at all. As you continue the Journey of Snark busters, you get to play min-games, find challenging pieces of puzzles and search for hidden clues. All of this is done to find your Snark in this game. Overall this is a brilliant game.

Hidden Objects: Mystery of the Enchanted Forest

Investigate the secrets of the charming forest in this stunning hidden objects game. This game features 30 challenging levels and hundreds of various objects. The flawlessly hand-made levels can be played in a couple of various ways. This gives the gamer the option to choose the level and select in the event that you need to see the hidden objects. You can choose to see the objects as content, images or even silhouettes. Download Hidden Objects: Mystery of the Enchanted Forest if by any chance, you like a decent challenge. The mysterious searching for a hidden object game will definitely make you think.

Games on Android

If any gamer is having a hunger for the best-hidden object games on your Android gadget, you should definitely check out the games mentioned above. Get your Android devices out and start finding all the hidden objects and become the best detective with a sharp eye.


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