Advantages of Backblaze Cloud Backup for Small Businesses

Backblaze Cloud Backup

When you have a small business, you may have minimal employees and a tight budget. This means you must work efficiently and save money when you can. Computers remain one of the most expensive investments for an office. Computers and servers also require extensive installation and updates. You can avoid the cost and responsibility of extra equipment by using a cloud storage subscription. Data also stays safely in the cloud, no matter what happens to your computer or server. Choose a cloud storage subscription specifically for businesses to enhance your small company. Let’s see the advantages of Backblaze cloud backup for small businesses.


Small businesses owners often have a smaller budget than large corporations. Monthly bills and equipment charges can become overwhelming if owners don’t make smart choices. Computer systems and data storage can take up a large part of the budget. On-site storage requires equipment purchase, installation, and maintenance. With a cloud subscription, you can often gain unlimited storage for under $10 per month. Check out a Backblaze review to find out more about services for your small business. 

Less Maintenance

You may need to call for repairs or hire an IT team to keep on-site storage working well. This adds to the responsibilities of your IT team, as they must also maintain desktops and software. With a cloud storage subscription, you can backup your files immediately and continue with no maintenance. With on-site storage, you can also have machine failures Which can result in loss of data missed work. 


You can expect fewer complications from a cloud storage system. On-site storage requires routine maintenance and failures can happen. Most large businesses must have an extensive IT team to manage servers and computers. If the computer system goes down, employees may miss deadlines. This can cause overall loss of revenue for the company. You can ease your worries about failing computer systems when you sign up for cloud storage. Even if your office computer has problems, you can access your account from another device. 

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Tailored to Your Needs

When you have on-site storage, you must purchase all the equipment when you first start the business. This can lead to large monthly expenses as you pay off the debt. If you need more storage or new software as your business grows, you must incur more expenses. On-site servers also leave business owners with the responsibility for repairs. Over time, you must have new software and upgrades to manage the data storage. Cloud subscriptions have different levels to choose from and many have unlimited storage. You can easily start with the most budget- friendly option, and upgrade as needed. 

Running a small business offers a lot of rewards. You may enjoy a smaller team of dedicated employees, for example. Starting a small business, however, can become an expensive endeavor. Data storage should not take a large portion of the budget. If you need new equipment and software, however, you may spend more than anticipated. Improve your budget and enjoy stress-free data backup with a Backblaze cloud storage subscription. 


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