Best Computer Apps for Students in 2020

Computer Apps for Students

Would you like to improve your grades and have fun while learning?

Technology and computer apps are a perfect solution for you if you need to be more organized, get some free research materials for your assignments, or even find someone to write an essay or research paper.

Technology has made a significant impact on the education system in the past few years. With “77% of teachers say that using technology apps in the classroom motivates students to learn.” Why then would you not take the time to install or download these computer apps? You can make good use of them in your assignments and education.

Therefore, here’s a list of the best computer apps students can utilize in their education or learning.

Content Summary

1.   Grammarly

For effective communication having good grammar is a must. If you want to relay an opinion, you will have to articulate it perfectly for the other party to understand. This is what good grammar is all about.

As a student, this is more important because you are writing an essay or assignment that affects your grade. This is where a tool or software, such as Grammarly, comes into play. Grammarly is here to help the student in correcting any punctuation, spelling, sentence structure mistakes, and identify any plagiarism.

It’s such an effective computer app that “39% of students reported an increase in by a full grade or more, and 99% of students reported improved writing grades.”

Students don’t have to stress about their writing being below standard. Grammarly is here to save your writing and grades. 

To avoid all of these, you can google something like “do my homework for me cheap” and find a professional writing service, or directly check out speedypaper reviews.

2.   Microsoft Office

This application is the most popular and widely used in schools, offices, and personal use. For a student, it’s a must-have tool that will be used in both studying and the future career.

This software has other programs, which include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft Publisher.

But Microsoft Word is a student favorite for essay writing, contract, resume, and letter, just to name a few. It checks your spelling and grammar mistakes, which underlines using a red line and green line for poor sentence structure. The use of this application doesn’t end in the classroom; the job market needs you to know all of it. It means that Microsoft Office is among the top three skills most required for employment in current employment.

3.   Evernote

Being disorganized and chaotic is the last thing a student needs. Students that lose their papers need this application. Also, this is what Evernote doesn’t want you to experience.

Mainly it’s a note-taking application, but it’s full of other features like the web clipper, which captures web content. If you are searching for some article and you see a relevant one from a site, you can bookmark it or clip the webpage.

Students that always lose their semester notes or are disorganized will love this tool. From creating a checklist, notes, and having to-do lists, this application will make you more organized, and you won’t have to beg your friends to send you coursework.

Technology is bringing amazing benefits for both students and teachers, and a successful student knows how to utilize each and every resource to the fullest. Most of these applications will still be relevant in your future work experience, so use them and become a little tech wizard that the job market will be looking for.


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