Best Movies on Hulu- A list of Must-Watch Movies For You!

best movies on hulu

About Best Movies on Hulu

Looking for the best movies on Hulu? Well, then you are just in the right place! Hulu has a lot of movies that you can watch anytime and anywhere! The vast options of genres help you to enjoy the movies with all kinds and ages of people! Check out the best movies on Hulu that you just can’t miss.  There are other streaming options like Netflix or Amazon Prime, but Hulu has a lot of options and a diverse chunk of movies that you can watch. 


Although this movie didn’t win a lot of awards, it surely has a lot of fan following. Detroit still remains one of the 2017’s best films on Hulu that you can watch with your friends or family. It is about Chief Kathryn Bigelow, who finds a way to take down the 1967 occurrence in Motor City effortlessly.


best movies on hulu

The blade is an action-packed superhero flick. It is the second most popular film with an African American in the lead as a superhero after Black Panther. Even the Sequel is out that many say is better than the first one. In any case, you should check out this thrilling movie if you are into watching some great fighting scenes. 

Hellbound: Hellraiser II


Many times the sequel of a movie or series fails to fill the expectations. However, this movie has changed this notion as a lot of people said this second part is even better than the first one! If you are into horror movies, then you should definitely check it out! It is about Kirsty Cotton and the adventure into Hell in search of her dad Larry. They come in the plot and make the movies even more interesting. So check out this flick as it is easily one of the best movies on Hulu that you can watch. 

Interview With The Vampire

Some time ago, the Movie Twilight was in rocking the box office across the world! The popular film has a wonderful setting that makes the watching experience of the movie even better. Check out the wonderful acting of Brad Pitt as well, who didn’t fail to impress us all! 

Some Kind Of Wonderful

It is a classic movie that is about teens’ life in the mid-80s and how they lead their life surrounding by love problems and friendships. It’s still an extraordinary film that we added to the list of the best movies on Hulu.  

The Prestige

best movies on hulu

Sir Christopher Nolan’s twisty and crazy flick called The Prestige. Michael Caine and David Bowie are also starring in this flick. It is actually one of the best movies on Hulu that you can watch and enjoy anytime! 

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Raging Bull

We don’t need to introduce you to this amazing film, as we all know about this classic flick. Sir Martin Scorsese’s directed the Raging Bull is ostensibly one of the craziest sports movies that you can watch. Robert De Niro stars as Jake LaMotta. His role is of a talented middleweight boxer. His life’s twist and dark turns are inevitable during his boxing career. It is amazing to see how he goes out against all odds and defeats him. 



This is a masterpiece of Korean cinema in which a financially strained guy finds a job to teach a girl from a wealthy family.  He tries to get the most profit out of it in order to keep his family afloat and financially stable. The actors have done a wonderful job! Make sure to watch it on Hulu. 

A Beautiful Mind

This is actually one of the best movies that have Russell Crowe stars who play the role of John Nash. Nash is a splendid mathematician and inevitable victor of the Nobel Prize in Economics. Nash’s life is convoluted by his struggles with suspicious schizophrenia and failure to distinguish delusion from reality. 

Air Force One

This movie released quite a while ago but it was added to Hulu recently. It is about a military veteran and family man that refuses to consider his own prosperity when terrorists commandeer his plane. So to see how he takes down the trouble maker and leads the way is super fun to watch and enjoy.

Open to question

Composed and directed by Jason Reitman. This movie is about a regular guy with an unspecialized job who goes out to venture around and terminate the individuals in the interest of their employers. Soon he is faced with many complex challenges. Now, he has to face in order to survive well. Check out the amazing flick on Hulu today! 

Monster’s Ball

2001’s Monster’s Ball wasn’t an immense box office force. But in the later stages, slowly the people like the story. It has Halle Berry in the lead role who has made this movie remarkable with her outstanding acting skills. 

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Well, we all know about Mission impossible and what kind of action they bring to the table. This amazing movie is nothing less than a masterpiece. An action-fueled movie will keep you on the edge of your seats throughout the movie! Tom Cruise plays the lead role and unfolds the action in the movie in order to stop the bad guys. The immense fan following made this movie an instant hit but in order to re-watch and enjoy it all again, you can watch it on Hulu! 

A Simple Favor


 A Simple Favor is a deft blend of the mystery, drama, and parody genres. Anna Kendrick plays the role of a fanatic vlogger named Stephanie, though one with a dead husband. The movie is about her friendship with a drinking bad girl Emily and mysterious circumstances that happens after she is disappeared one day.

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We Need To Talk About Kevin

The film has told lots of stories focused on serial killers, but this movie conveys the tale in a wonderful manner that how a kid grows up to be a murderer and how his life changes with the things that cause him trouble and harm. Make sure to watch this amazing movie on Hulu! 

Creed 2


Creed 2, the 2018 sequel to chief Ryan Coogler’s acclaimed 2015 film, sees Michael B. Jordan re-visitation of the role of Adonis Creed, son of iconic boxer Apollo Creed. How he tackles life after his father’s death and how he makes his amazing mark in the ring is a must watch! This amazing movie is packed with action so make sure that you watch this if you are into sports or boxing. This is an easy add on to the list of the best movies on Hulu that you can watch. 


Vice is a biopic about the previous U.S. vice president Dick Cheney. It is a bit controversial biopic. It is directed by Adam McKay. Moreover, It has a sense of amazing satirical edge. Make sure to watch it in order to get some insights and see how things unfolded during his time in the office. It’s a must-watch for all the history fanatics out there! 

The Interview

best movies on hulu

The Interview is co-directed by the two great actors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The plot of the movie is that two guys working in the media can’t find a good story. Hence, they make a deal to go to North Korea to take the interview of their Supreme Leader. Furthermore, The films take a lot of funny twists and weird turns as they go on a journey to take the interview. 

Sorry To Bother You

One of the most particularly innovative movies of 2018, It is about the race and people of the U.S. It has a wonderful comedy and wit added to the story. This movie is about an African American man who finds out that his white voice can help him earn a lot through telephonic sales. Hence, the name sorry to bother you is justified.  


It is a dark comedy loved by a lot of fans. It is made by Daniel Waters and directed by Michael Lehmann. In this movie, Winona Ryder stars as Veronica Sawyer who is a young secondary school student. Along with her two friends, they go out to face the norms of society and face their everyday challenges. 


It is one of the new additions from the Transformers series. However, the amazing star cast made the movie even better. It holds a lot of nominations for many awards as well. Even though it can out a bit late, it holds a stronghold on the list of the best movies on Hulu that you can watch online.

Now that you know what’s next on your watchlist, all you need is some good company like a cool glass bong.