Common Ways to Contact Customer Service

Customer Service

Sustaining a business is not an easy task, a lot of things go into making a business thrive. In contrast to a 9 to 5 job, running or managing a business is a totally different thing. Where in a job people just do their work and go home, wherein a business different departments work in accordance with each other to make a business up and running. These different components range from sourcing, quality assurance, manufacturing, accounts, human resource, among many others. However, the most important one out of all these is the customer service department. Customer service is the most important component of a business, and the unfortunate state of the fact is that this is the part that is often ignored most of the time. Ways to Contact Customer –

The common notion attached to customer service is that this department is a burden on the overall expense and resources of a business because there is no actual part customer service plays in the revenues of a business. This perspective is not only far from the truth but it can prove to be fatal for the existence of a business in the long run. Because customer service is the front-line department of a business that directly interacts with customers, whether a customer would stay with a business or not is directly dependent on how efficient the customer service department is of that particular business.

And the longer a customer stays with a business the more their lifetime value increases and the more a customer’s lifetime value increases the more revenue a business churns out from that customer. So customer service directly influences the revenue of a business through the art of customer retention.

Plus customer retention is something that is needed more than ever today. During the pandemic and the economic recession that followed after which the average buying power of consumers dropped drastically. This was due to a mix of rising inflation and increased job losses. These two factors made consumers especially cautious about where they spend their money. Now customers do extensive research about a particular brand before buying any type of product or service. They check online reviews and opinions of actual customers before making a decision. 

And since a customer is only going to recommend a brand to another only when they are satisfied with that particular brand, that’s where customer service comes in. Since as long as a customer would be satisfied with the service they receive from a brand they will also recommend others to go with the same company. So in a way when customer service is efficient and takes care of its customers properly, it indirectly creates a funnel of free organic marketing through the spread of positive word of mouth.

Need for Omnichannel Customer Service, Ways to Contact Customer service?

Since customer service has become so essential for a business, thus considerable efforts should be put into making access to customer service resources easier. Many companies have also started focusing on this aspect of a business. For example, in the case of Suddenlink, a major internet provider in the country, there are separate lines of communication for both English-speaking and Spanish customers. In the case of Spanish-speaking customers, they can reach out to Suddenlink Servicio al cliente en Español

This should be the approach of every business to make customer service access easier for every type of customer. Because in modern times of today nobody wants to stick to their phones for hours and hours just to get a simple problem resolved. People want quick and efficient ways to reach out to the customer service of their business. Since the internet has helped us in so many ways, it can also be used for efficient customer service.

Common Customer Service Channels

 In modern business, there are digital ways of reaching out to the customer service of any business. The below-mentioned list has a combination of conventional and new means which many businesses of today possess in order to get in contact with them. 

Phone Call

The most common medium to reach out to customer service is through calling. This is the oldest technique in the book of customer service and is the most used way. Even in modern times customers still prefer to talk to a representative on the phone as it gives them the satisfaction that they are talking to a person instead of a machine. Since most customers who contact customer service are already frustrated and that is why they prefer to talk to another human being to which they can communicate their concerns. This medium is mostly used by the older generation who are not that tech-savvy and want that human connection.

Live Chat

This is a relatively new mode of communication that has been gaining rapid pace in the business community. Now many companies provide their customers the option to directly contact the customer support department through the live chat option. Live chat eliminates long waiting times and quickly connects the customer to the relevant agent. Not only this but many live chats are used in conjunction with chatbots that has pre-fed answers to most common customer queries. This means that a customer no longer needs to wait to talk to an agent and can get quick answers to their queries at any time of the day. 

Social Media 

Social media has transformed the means of communication. Not only is it a great marketing tool but also a great way for businesses to connect with their consumers directly. That is why we see that many big brands have their presence on all major social media platforms. Through these platforms, they monitor their customer’s views and sentiments about their products and reach out proactively when any problem arises. Which makes social media a great tool for proactive customer service.

In retrospect customers also don’t have to look for different numbers to call in order to get assistance regarding any matter, as they can simply go to the official account of their service provider and drop a message for a quick and efficient resolution.


Customer service is an integral part of any business. That is why every business must make this process easier for their customers. In this regard, it is recommended to provide different ways for consumers through which they can easily reach out to their service provider.