Corinna Kopf: Everything you need to know about the famous Pouty Girl 

Corinna Kopf
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Instagram is full of sizzling models who moved from TikTok fame in the beginning to this platform. However, Corinna Kopf, the owner of the Instagram page @corinnakopf Pouty Girl, is rare. That’s right! In the past few years, this beautiful Instagram model has obtained upto 6.4 Million followers on the respective platform. 

Corinna Kopf
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Not only this, but she has further extended her fan following on youtube and Twitter. Surprisingly enough, Miss Kopf has a wide range of contradicting fan-following, counting from categories like Gaming on YouTube, Fashion Blogging, Entrepreneurship, and more. With such high-end prominence in the modeling industry and other fields, Corinna Kopf often becomes the target of criticism as well. Her love-hate relationship with TFue (YouTuber — Turner Tenney) also comes up in the major discussions on social media. 

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Are you also a big fan of Corinna Kopf? If yes, then don’t miss this concise Logue dedicated to her. Today, in this reading, we present you a complete Logue on Everything you need to know about the famous Pouty Girl on Instagram. Today, none of your questions regarding Corinna Kopf will go unanswered. So, let’s get started: 

Who is Corinna Kopf? 

Born on 1st December 1995, @pouty girl Corinna Kopf is 26 years old Instagram Model who goes by her nickname Pouty Girl. She was born in a cramped village in Illinois called Palatine, the USA, to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kopf. Corinna has not revealed her parents’ first names in any of her videos on YouTube. 

Corinna Kopf
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According to the inside details, Corinna’s father is a businessman, and her mother is a homemaker. In recent years, Corinna Kopf has moved out and lives alone. While her family members, including her parents and younger sister, Sophia Kopf, reside in Iowa (State: Missouri), USA. 

Corinna Kopf’s educational background states that she has completed High School at a local school in Palatine, USA. Further ahead, she did not apply for college as she wanted to become a model and fashion expert. 

How did Corinna Kopf start her career? 

To begin with, today, Corinna Kopf has millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter. However, the mystery of how she became so famous in a span of 2 years remains unsolved. To begin with, she initiated her Instagram account eight years ago. In most of her initial Instagram pictures, she has shared pictures showcasing her regular lifestyle, which is quite distinct from the luxurious lifestyle she enjoys today. More details visit here

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Many fans have asked this question — how did Corinna Kopf become so famous? Few people know that Corinna’s initial success as a sizzling model and fashion vlogger began with David Dobrik, a YouTuber. Five years ago, David Dobrik uploaded a video on YouTube titled — How to kiss!!! (ROMANTICALLY). In this video, David is seen kissing Corinna Kopf.


Various videos of David Dobrik hanging out with Corinna and Todd seem to provide the idea that the couple wasn’t in a relationship initially. 

Five years ago, Corinna had already started getting fame on Instagram. She wanted to expand her career on YouTube as well. Because fans already knew her from David’s videos, it didn’t take much from them to subscribe, as we assume. 

Corinna Kopf
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To the reader’s surprise, her first video on youtube is in collaboration with the singer “Nick Bean.” Currently, she has upto 1.7Million Subscribers on YouTube. On Twitter, she has grasped 2.5 Million followers. According to her YouTube video feed, she has not been active there for two years. 


Do you know? Corinna Kopf and David Dobrik crossed each other during a live concert in Chicago. Since then, they have remained friends and, eventually, in and out of love. 

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How old is Corinna Kopf? 

It is rather hard to say with beautiful big-time looks and shiny skin, but Corinna Kopf is 26 years old (as of 2021). She will turn 27 this year. Can’t believe it? When Corinna Kopf kickstarted her page on Instagram, she was only 18 at the time. Yet, you cannot tell the age distinction. 

How tall is Corinna Kopf? 

As you may not have captured Corinna Kopf’s height from the Instagram photos and reels. But, Corinna Kopf is only 5 feet and 5 inches tall. Her height is approximately 165 centimeters. She has a lean body and mid-length long blonde wavy hair. She has a very light-shaded turquoise eye color. Further ahead, her complexion is White/Fair. 

Corinna Kopf
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To begin with, Corinna Kopf is a dream beauty for millions of fans out there. 

What is Corinna Kopf’s body measurement? 

While checking out Corinna Kopf’s bikini poses on Instagram, it is a must-wonder for many fans — what is her body figure? She has a body measurement of 36 – 24 -35 inches. She has a 33C Bra size which makes her quite wanted. Surprisingly, she only weighs 55 kgs. She wears a 6 US Size shoe. And last but not least, Kopf is one of the fittest and most sexist models/fashion bloggers on Instagram. Don’t miss her. Check out at

Has Corinna Kopf undergone Plastic Surgery? 

Having 6.4 Million followers on Instagram alone may seem like a blessing. However, for Corinna Kopf, sometimes fame leads to defamation itself. In 2019, Corinna shared a picture with a plastic surgeon. She also captioned it, “No one does it better.” Critics took this matter on Twitter and accused Miss. Kopf for having plastic surgery. Further stating that she is not all-natural. Use of words like insecure and gross was also used. 

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Upon receiving such tweets, Corinna Kopf wrote back, “First off, just because she’s a plastic surgeon doesn’t mean I got plastic surgery,” she clarified. “She offers many other procedures as well. Secondly, I would rather be open & honest with my audience about my enhancements rather than lying/denying and creating an unrealistic standard.Thanks!” 

Surprisingly enough, unlike other influencers who undergo surgeries and deny it — Corinna Kopf has set the benchmark higher. Back in 2018 – 2019, she shared a youtube video where she shared her experience of pain and nervousness as she was getting her lip filler done. 

Hence, the answer is yes. Corinna Kopf undergoes several beauty procedures which help her stay as beautiful as she appears on her page. There’s no denying that. 

What ethnicity is Corinna Kopf? 

Corinna’s last name “Kopf’s” suggests that she comes from German ancestry. She is German by ethnicity. However, she is an American by nationality. 

What is Corinna Kopf Net Worth? 

Are you also troubling to find out, How much money Corinna Kopf makes? Well! Recent books on Celebrity Net Worth research have disclosed that Corinna Kopf’s Net Worth in 2022 stands at $2 Million even though she has been inactive on YouTube (that is generally a regular source of income).

The primary source of her monthly income comes from her OnlyFans account, where she charges approximately $20 per subscriber per month. With an impressive subscriber count of 1 Million on the platform, she has become one of the best OnlyFans earners. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that she has relocated to Los Angeles, Chicago.

Inside details reveal that Miss Kopf earns the maximum of her monthly income from her OnlyFans account. She charges 20$ approximately per subscriber monthly. Her current subscribers count on the platform is 1 Million. To the reader’s surprise, she has moved to Los Angeles, Chicago. 

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In comparison to her OnlyFans account, her monthly income on youtube is only 1000 USD. 

Here’s a surprise. Back in 2021, Corinna Kopf revealed that she had earned 4.5 Million USD on the OnlyFans account initially in just 30 days. Our assumption is that she continues to make such a whopping amount on OFs by viewing her exclusive lifestyle on Instagram. 

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Corinna Kopf also made her OF account 100% private. In the description on the profile, she has provided a warning to the subscribers about the consequences of leaking the content anywhere outside of the OnlyFans platform. 

Is Corinna Kopf in relationship? 

In the event that you are following Corinna Kopf’s love life for a while, then there’s a 100% chance you are confused about who she is dating now! In the past few years, while live-streaming Fortnite games on YouTube and Facebook, Corinna Kopf has revealed many secrets. For instance, she confirmed that she had hooked up with Logan Paul one time. Similarly, she seems to have had relationships with many YouTubers in the past, including Turner Tenney. So, who is she dating now? 

According to the latest estimation of Corinna’s dating life, she is now in a relationship with Toddy Smith. You may know Todd from Vlog Squad videos made by David Dobrik. Twenty-nine years old Toddy Smith has been dating Corinna since 2017. It has been five years, and the on & off relationship between Todd and Miss. Kopf has continued. 

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Before that, Corinna Kopf was rumored to be dating David Dobrik as the fans viewed their video of kissing romantically. Later, Corinna denied having any love relationship with David. 

Not only David but Corinna had been rumored to be dating Brennen Taylor. However, no one confirmed or denied this rumor. Later in 2018, fans spotted Corinna at a game with Logan Paul. Once again, they neither confirmed nor denied their relationship. However, Corinna herself has confirmed that she has slept (sex) with LP. 

Later in his youtube videos, Logan Paul confirmed that he regretted dating Corinna. Apart from this, Corinna Kopf’s ON & OFF relationship with Tfue (Turner Tenney) is also quite confusing for fans. 

Pouty Girl faced ban on Twitch 

Instagram famous celebrity Corinna Kopf faced a backlash back in 2019 -2020 when the Twitch gaming platform banned the streamer. According to the details of the incident, in the beginning, Corinna was unsure why she was banned initially? 

Corinna Kopf
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However, later on, she updated her fans on Twitter that Twitch banned the streamer over a live stream video a year ago. In the video in question, she was adjusting her clothes which resulted in a malfunction. Due to the display of undergarments, Twitch banned Corinna’s streaming account. 

Is Corinna Kopf sick? 

When famous YouTuber Corinna Kopf eventually stopped uploading videos on her youtube channel, this created major concerns about her health among fans. But, the good news is — no, Corinna Kopf is not sick. According to Kopf’s previous vlogs, she suffers from an Anxiety disorder. 


So, we hope this is everything you wanted to know about Pouty Girl on Instagram. You can follow her on the handle @corinnakopf. Please keep us on your bookmark for more information on prominent influencers, erotica models, OnlyFans models, and others. Get new pictures and information on superstars every day. Thank you. 

Full Name Corinna Kopf
Born on  1st December 1995
Born in Palatine, Illinois, United States of America
Belongs to  Kopf’s family in Iowa, Missouri, USA
Currently lives in  Los Angeles, Chicago, USA
Age 26 years 
Complexion White
Hair Blonde (Dark, highlights)
Ethnicity  German 
Nationality American
Father’s name Mr. Kopf (Businessman)
Mother’s name Mrs. Kopf (Housewife) 
Sister’s name Sophia Kopf 
Instagram handle @corinnakopf (pouty girl)
Twitter handle  @corinnakopf (pouty girl)
OnlyFans Account  Corinna Kopf @corinnakopf 
YouTube Channel Corinna Kopf 
Profession Modeling, OnlyFans Poser (Videos and Photos), YouTuber, Gaming/Gamer (Twitch), Instagram Influencer, e-Commerce clothing line owner, online trader. 
Height 5’5’’ (165 centimeters)
Weight 55 kgs approximately
Net Worth $2 Million USD + 4.2 Million OnlyFans Income, 1K USD YouTube Income
Past relationships
  • Toddy Smith
  • Adin Ross
  • Logan Paul
  • David Dobrik
  • Turner Tenney
Current Boyfriend Toddy Smith (better known as Todd in David Dobrik’s vlogs).
Marital Status  Unmarried 
Years activated in the industry 8 YEARS 



Q. Who Is Corinna Kopf?
A. Corinna Kopf is a famous social media model.

Q. How old is Corinna Kopf?
A. She is 28 years old.

Q. When was Corinna Kopf born?
A. Corinna Kopf was born on 1 December 1995.

Q: How tall is Corinna Kopf?
A: She is about 5 feet 5 inches.

Q. How many followers does Corinna Kopf Have?
A. She has over 6.9 million followers.