Are Cruise Ships Overrated? An Inside Look at Onboard Casino Entertainment

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships have a lot going on aboard them, and priority is not always on the casino entertainment. Therefore, you can’t expect the same selection that you’ll find at leading sites like 888 Casino. However, most people who have been on cruises tend to go back for more. 

It would be surprising to many how elaborate and gorgeous the casino rooms onboard can be. In many cases rivaling the local casinos that guests frequent. 

Let’s take a look at what to expect when you decide to go on a cruise and intend to enjoy casino Cricket ID games while onboard. 

Types of Cruise Ships Games

Just like online and land-based casinos, you can expect numerous free online slot machines aboard. Most will also have several options for table games, like poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, and others. With larger ships even having a selection between those top favorites. 

For instance, you’ll usually find games where it’s you against the house. Or organized tournaments between players that you must buy into. There may even be some electronic poker pro tables, found on Princess and the Carnival Cruise lines. 

If this is of importance to you, check with the line you’re going on a cruise with for additional information about the game selection. 

High Stakes Betting

Unless you’re on a very expensive cruise, chances are high-stakes gambling will not be part of the repertoire. However, on some ships, the staff can be very accommodating and if there is enough interest in a high-stakes, the pit boss will do their best to arrange one. 

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Are Cruise Ships Casinos Always Open?

While there might be things like all night snack bars on board, the cruise ship Online Cricket Betting ID slots will have set operating times. Most of the time, the casino is only open when the ship is at sea because when it’s at the port, guests prefer to spend their time on land. Therefore, it’s not worth it to stay open. Don’t let this little detail deter you, just remember that it’s the main reason you chose to go on a cruise instead of visiting your local casinos. 

One exception is that if the ship is docked at a port where gambling is legal, such as Malta, the casino may stay open. This also depends on the time period the ship will be docked. 

Payment Methods

Most cruise lines will allow you to use both cards or cash. Or your cruise card when you are at the tables. However, they work the same way as on land casinos. Where you need to exchange cash for chips and tokens in order to play. Big ships will even have ATM machines that allow you to withdraw funds onboard.

It would be highly unlikely to end up on a cruise that only accepts cash. Unless you are on a Windstar or Silversea cruise. However, if you want to avoid high transaction fees or keep your gambling in check, set aside a cash budget and use only that.


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