How to become an eSports Team Player? – A perfect guide for freshers


There was a time when our parents told us that nothing would come out of gaming on Smartphones and PCs. However, the digital era turned out to be a gamer changer thanks to the introduction of the eSport Industry. Today, multiple tournaments and World Championship takes place throughout the year where teams from different countries enter to win a game online. for more details visit here 

Not only this but the victoring team goes home with an unbelievable amount of prize money. To the reader’s surprise, eSports, like any other sports in the world, have also become a part of gamers’ college education who desire to acquire scholarships. Sounds thrilling, right? But, the main question stands, how do you become a pro gamer? There are thousands of newbies around the world who play games regularly. But, how to become a professional gamer who can enter eSport tournaments? Here’s a beginner’s guide if you want to pursue a career as a professional gamer: 

STEP 1: What’s your goal behind becoming a gamer? 

To begin with, as a newbie in gaming, you may feel anxious because you will encounter so many challenges. However, in order to keep you going, you must know your “goal” behind entering the eSports Industry. For example, do you want to enter the gaming industry for cash? Or, want to become famous? Or, live the lifestyle of a gamer? Whichever is your goal behind becoming a gamer, you must keep one thing in mind – you should always play because you love it. 

STEP 2: What game do you want to specialize in?

Believe it or not, but in eSports, there are so many hardcore games that you can pick from. For example, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is one of the topmost enjoyed games all over the world. Next to it, Dota Two, League of Legends, and PUBG have all the eyes of viewers. So, you have tandem choices: you can either pick a game to specialize in which already exists and is a part of a Championship or an eSports tournament. Whereas, you can pick forthcoming games which will give a hardcore challenge to CSGO, Dota 2, and LoL in the upcoming years. 

The latter option is mostly recommended because CSGO and Dota 2 are so exaggerated in eSports that it is nearly vain to defeat the teams and international players who already have obtained all the fame. 

Henceforth, for now, all you need to do is play games and find which game you are good at. 

STEP 3: Expand your gaming network

Do you know? There’s a myth about eSports players. It is that gamers are introverted and do not like to interact. Henceforth, thanks to this myth, newbie gamers often make themselves hostage in a room full of gaming accessories and set up, which restricts their gaming network. But, if you want our advice, we would say, don’t do it! For gamers, platforms like Twitch and youtube have proven helpful. In the future, if you want to enter an eSports tournament, you must learn how to play in teams? How to collaborate with other team members? And above all, how to bluff the opposite party? It is all part of the experience that you may lack if you don’t expand your network. 

STEP 4: Don’t compromise!

Do you know why many potential gamers all over the world are left behind? Well! One reason is that they compromise on gaming accessories and set up, which a pro gamer needs. Please note that eSports is no less crucial than playing on a baseball or hockey field. You should pick gaming accessories and set them up based on your comfort. From becoming an average gamer to a pro gamer, the journey is long. 

STEP 5: Choose a team to be a part of!

The main thing that potential gamers forget is that in order to enter an Esports tournament or any such event, they will require to be a part of a team. What’s the best place to pick a team? According to our research, twitch has thousands of active gamers. You can begin finding a team that shares a mission the same as you. It takes years for a gaming team to collaborate and synchronize all their moves, especially when it comes to online gaming. So, at last, we suggest that you be patient!


Becoming a pro gamer and entering an Esports tournament seem like heavy goals. However, they are worth it. Therefore, always keep an open mind whenever a new game enters the industry. Further ahead, never stop showcasing your talent on youtube and twitch because that’s where all gamers like you are also looking for someone to collaborate with. Thanks.