Fun office Pranks that Won’t get your Fired

Fun office pranks app

Office Foil Prank

Tired of that one employee continually showing up late? 

This fun prank is pretty self-explanatory but not easy to do as you’ll probably need the better part of an afternoon to set up.

Give them a lovely surprise by covering their entire office, including even the small objects like pens and folders with foil.

Of course, you can always use paper instead of foil, but who doesn’t want a shiny new office?
Ask a coworker to help you or even better get the whole office, consider it a group bonding exercise!

Messing with their Desks

This is a great prank that is simple and quick to do, all you will need are movable desks that are not too heavy I hope! 

To begin, find your coworkers desk and simply turn it around, this way their drawers will be on the opposite side from where they usually sit.

To pull this off convincingly make sure to position the desk, so it appears it’s facing the right way. All office equipment, such as pens and files, should also be in the correct places along with the victim’s office chair. 

The end result will be your coworker trying to reach for his draw only to bang their hand on the table (not too hard now!).    

It’s relatively harmless and easy to do, confuse your coworker with this subtle prank in the office. 

Mouse Prank

Ok, perhaps if you got a real mouse and put in the office, then there’s a good possibility you’ll get fired.  What we really mean is the mouse on your coworker’s office desk. 

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This prank is very quick and easy to pull off, all you have to do is put a sticker or tape a piece of paper underneath your office worker’s mouse. 

A sticker will cause the mouse to appear as if it stopped working, after all, what can be more tedious than a broken mouse when you have deadlines, right?

Hopefully (after a short period of being confused and irritated), they will check underneath their mouse to see the sticker attached. 

It’s just a Toy Prank

This harmless yet hilarious prank usually gets the best jump scare reactions, short and sweet. 

First find out what kind of critter your coworker is afraid off, whether it’d be spiders, snakes, mice or even lizards. 

Then before your victim comes into work, hide the toy but make sure it’s in plain sight and easily spotted.

Attach a fishing line on the critter and slowly pull once your coworker approaches their desk. No doubt this will cause a few screams and be sure to record the fun secretly. 

Plenty of toy shops sell these hairy little critters but shop around to find the most convincing toy. 

Office Prank Dial using apps

While you could do your typical prank call, it’s highly likely your coworker will guess it’s you, especially if you have no experience in making prank calls. 

This is where a Prank Call App can come in handy, it has excellent features which will no doubt make for an even better prank dial

This type of app offers pre-recordings which are all unique and voiced by professionals. Some of these include a prank call scenario asking if you can use their Wifi, or accusing them of kicking their dog. 

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There are so many prank scenarios you can play, simply choose a pre-recording, select the contact, call then listen. 

Some recommended pranks app you can download are ‘Prank Call Free- Ownage Pranks’, and ‘Prankster’ which are both free. 

Desktop Switcheroo Prank

Does your coworker take too many breaks? Perhaps one too many trips to the bathroom?

This is the perfect scenario to play a modern work switch around, except you will be using their desktop. This effective prank is simple, and with a bit of creativity, the possibilities are endless.

To start, do the following:

1.Either save a chosen image or take a desktop screenshot, right-click on their desktop and access the Personalization menu.

2.Enter the Personalization control panel and change the desktop to the saved image or screenshot you took prior.

3.Right-click on the desktop again and select ‘View menu’ and be sure to uncheck ‘Show Desktop Icons’.

Your coworker’s icons will still be in view, but they will not respond to being clicked on. 

The fun is choosing the most hilarious screenshots or images which will temporarily create chaos. 

My choices would be a screenshot of a broken LCD, a desktop infected with a computer virus, or perhaps more tedious an image of a thousand desktop icons. 


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