15 Bizarre Rumours About GTA 6 Which Are On the Internet


Introduction- GTA 6 and the Updates

With GTA 5 going down as Rockstar’s best game to date, and with the up and coming continuation of Red Dead Redemption. A couple of brief months away, fans start to look to the eventual fate of the establishment and miracle what precisely might be coming up for GTA 6. With all the pristine gameplay, online highlights, and customization that GTA 5 presented. The fans expect Rockstar to set the bar much higher during the advancement of the following section in the arrangement.

A ton of what fans will find in the following game will rely upon the accomplishment of the more current highlights added to Red Dead 2. Be that as it may, with innovation progressing at the pace that it is. Particularly with VR, 4K, and forefront reassure motors. It wouldn’t be too large an amazement to see a totally new sort of video game inside and out with GTA 6.

Here are 15 Insane GTA 6 Rumors That Will Freak You Out.

15- Each Original City From The GTA Franchise Will Be Explorable

Wouldn’t it be cool to have the option to investigate places, for example, Liberty City, Vice City, Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas – across the board game?

Fans may get to! Perhaps the greatest talk with respect to GTA 6 is that rather than only one city to investigate, players will get the chance to cross the aggregate of the world that Rockstar has made throughout the years. Regardless of whether this would be explorable by only one primary character or if there would be different characters set in every city is as yet hazy. The possibility that players could return to a portion of GTA’s great areas is an idea that interests to fans who have played the establishment since the start.

Envision missions that would begin in the core of San Andreas yet would take you to the ports of Vice City or the islands of Liberty City!

14. The Return Of Older GTA Cast Members

Aficionados of GTA couldn’t want anything more than to see the arrival of a portion of the establishments famous characters!

In GTA 5, players would now and again get irregular telephone calls and messages from a wide scope of NPCs that would have missions and little assignments for the player to begin. In any case, if you somehow happened to take a gander at the guest ID on the player’s telephone and read names, for example, Salvator Leone (GTA 3), Sonny Forelli (GTA Vice City), and out there characters, for example, The Truth (GTA San Andreas) presenting missions, it would carry an extraordinary feeling of wistfulness to the game that long-term fans would get a kick out of.

Players have seen this kind of re-presentation before in GTA: San Andreas, when C.J. races Claude, the hero from GTA 3, who is then dating C.J’s. ex, Catalina. Subsequent to beating Claude in the race, the new couple takes off to Liberty City where, in the course of events, the occasions of GTA 3 commencement.

13. An Even More Expansive GTA Online Experience

GTA Online has added a totally better approach to play the game, something not at all like anything fans have ever observed previously.

There’s certainly advantages to not just the players of the game, who get the chance to have the GTA experience online through multiplayer, yet additionally to Rockstar, which (by 2016) had made over $500 million through microtransactions in the GTA store. Fans have seen consistent online updates and DLC being discharged to keep the online experience crisp and energizing, causing fans to accept that such things will come on an a lot greater scale in GTA 6.

On the off chance that they create it a similar way, just substantially more huge and with considerably more customization alternatives (difficult to envision, yet it is certainly conceivable), it could be the most beneficial undertaking Rockstar Games has ever taken on.

12. GTA 6 Will Only Release On Next-Gen Consoles

Recall the PS3 and Xbox 360? While it might appear to be a lost innovation presently. Fans overlook that GTA 5 was initially discharged on those consoles. It wasn’t until later that Rockstar Games chose to re-discharge the game for the cutting edge comforts. With new substance and gameplay that wowed players. (explicitly the principal individual shooter mode, which had never been seen in GTA). The PS4 and Xbox One are gradually on their approach to being the following consoles to be eliminated. For the PS5 and whatever Xbox title they choose to go with straightaway.

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So, devotees of GTA wonder, contingent upon which turns out first between the new consoles and new GTA game. Regardless of whether the designers will choose to make the game carefully for future consoles. Or in the event that they’ll make it good with the PS4 and Xbox One too.

11. A Female Lead Character in GTA 6

Here’s something the GTA establishment has never done: include a female hero as the fundamental playable character. Gossip has it this might be the situation in the 6th portion of the establishment. Assuming this is the case, this would make for an alternate dynamic to GTA. In any case, similar to its predecessor, GTA 6 might be a multi-character game that doesn’t have only one hero, so a couple may be female. Would you be able to envision a Trevor-like female going around causing commotion? That would be a sight to see without a doubt.

While a lot of ladies everywhere throughout the world play GTA 5, having a lead female character for the following game might grow the player base further, attracting significantly more ladies to make the playing field somewhat more adjusted with regards to the sexual orientations.

10. GTA 6 Will Be Online Only

There’s no denying it: GTA Online has changed the Grand Theft Auto establishment until the end of time. In any case, among the bits of gossip encompassing the following portion in the establishment is that it might wind up being an online just game, dispensing with the single player storyline we’ve seen from each different past Rockstar game. Originating from the achievement that Rockstar has had with the GTA Online extra, this could possibly be the situation. Since its discharge, it has benefitted well more than 500 million dollars for the organization. On the off chance that they developed its prosperity with joining more highlights from the disconnected mode, it could remain to be the greatest cash producer Rockstar Games has ever observed.

While diehard fans may be disillusioned to see disconnected gaming blur away, there’s no uncertainty that Rockstar would make it up to players by making the online experience unquestionably superior to anything we have ever observed. In the event that that is even conceivable.

9. It Will Feature Virtual Reality Gameplay

Augmented Reality could be the method for the future with regards to cutting edge video game stages. And this might just incorporate GTA 6. Players have constantly longed for the day they can put on a headset. And be completely inundated into the universe of Grand Theft Auto, and that day may be before long drawing nearer. With the PS4 and more up to date XBOX comforts previously executing VR into their foundation. Fans are seeing the advancement of video gaming through and through.

Gossip that has been seeing a considerable amount of consideration online is the incorporation of this new innovation in GTA 6. While it’s truly practical to expect some kind of VR perspective to the new game, a few people are venturing to state that the whole game will be in computer generated reality.

This wouldn’t simply set another point of reference for Rockstar Games, yet for all video games to come!

8. An Entirely First-Person Mode Game

The first-person mode was presented with the re-arrival of GTA 5 on the PS4 and Xbox One. It unquestionably changed the vibe of the game, giving it an undeniably progressively close to home feel. For players who likewise are fanatics of Call of Duty and comparative first-person shooters, it was a profoundly foreseen expansion. For the rest, it was unquestionably a change that set aside some effort to acclimate to – on the off chance that they decided to utilize it by any means.

The following gossip in regards to the gameplay of GTA 6 is that it might be completely in the first-person mode. This gossip isn’t too outlandish, particularly with the adoration Rockstar got from players for the expansion. Nonetheless, if GTA 6 is really going to be as group satisfying as we’d expect. It wouldn’t be an astonishment in the event that they, at any rate, added the alternative to return to the first third-person mode.

7. It Will Be Set In The 1970s

Through the span of the establishment, GTA titles have been set in a wide scope of timespans. Players have seen the 1960s with the first GTA London games, the 1980s in GTA Vice City, the 1990s in GTA San Andreas, the mid 2000s in GTA 3, just as a period hop from the mid-2000s to display day in GTA 5. This leaves one explicit decade that presently can’t seem to be contacted in the GTA universe – the 1970s. Furthermore, if bits of gossip remain constant, that won’t be the situation for any longer.

With each game set in its very own decade, we have likewise had 10 years fitting feel to it. This could be nostalgic for gamers who lived during that time, and maybe an exercise to those that didn’t. Rockstar does its due tirelessness to the look and style of the timespan its games are set in, so we may be seeing a much crazier GTA 6 than we were anticipating.

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6. Its Release Date Isn’t Even Close

Another gossip with respect to GTA 6 – and one that is essentially less energizing – respects to what extent we’ll need to hold back to see the game in stores.

Starting at the present moment, Rockstar has said that we won’t be seeing it in this decade. And that could be as late as 2024 preceding it hits racks. Why so long? Indeed, with the proceeded with take a shot at GTA Online. And the fruition of advancement on Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar has a great deal on its plate. Before it can turn its total concentration to an undertaking as gigantic as GTA 6.

Like GTA 5, the first Red Dead Redemption had a little scale online experience which players hope to be developed in the continuation. Particularly with the accomplishment from GTA Online.

Every one of these components (in addition to the time expected to really make the game itself) makes a 2024 discharge feel shockingly sensible.

5. The Map Will Consist Of The Entire Continental United States

Would you be able to envision a GTA game with a guide the size of the United States? Regardless of whether it would all be explorable or not has not been explained, yet the possibility of a guide that size certainly would be a consideration grabber.

Could a game that measures even be appropriately explored? It could prompt an issue that No Man’s Sky looked upon its underlying discharge. Where the universe was huge to the point that it was fairly clear and desolate from the start. Notwithstanding, knowing Rockstar Games, on the off chance that it made a guide that huge, it would probably fill the explorable regions suitably.

A game with a guide size that huge would most likely establish a precedent with the memory required for gameplay!

4. GTA 6 Could Be Set In London

Recollect the beginning of GTA. Recollect the development crucial London? Most more youthful players presumably don’t.

The game was set during the 1960s and hasn’t been returned to since. This prompts another talk drifting around, that the setting of the new GTA game may happen in London. Where the arrangement saw its beginnings. With the first games having a bird’s eye perspective. This could alter the city the games were situated in and give it massively more profundity.

This was really the main GTA game that utilized the name of a certifiable city before it took to renaming them. A London-based game could really be pulled off truly well. All things considered, the historical backdrop of the renowned English city. Similar to any large city on the planet, is rich with its own privileged insights, packs, and defilement!

3. Time Travel Will Be Involved – Sort Of

The following talk joins a few components of different bits of gossip, indicating the plausibility of some level of time travel in GTA 6.

Slow down, people, dislike there would be some time traveling gateway that you step into. The thought would be that there would be big time bounces all through the story. Making it length over a very long while. Another thought that gives the talk believability is that if the game were to incorporate various urban communities. Every city could be voluntarily period. Peculiar right?

Numerous urban communities with various characters, all time permitting periods. When you complete the storylines for every one, they all advancement to a similar timeframe, where their accounts combine. It doesn’t sound as abnormal in that specific circumstance. Yet no one can really tell what Rockstar may attempt to pull off!

2. Play As A Criminal Or A Cop

Envision making your own character for single player GTA, where as opposed to experienced the life of a crook, you could decide to play as a cop.

That would take all that we think about GTA and turn it on its head. Each GTA game players have ever observed has been a romantic tale of sorts to crooks and the way of life they live. To choose for become a cop rather, you might play the switch storyline. Rather than playing out whatever illicit missions and insane heists you would as the lawbreaker. You would embark to prevent those equivalent wrongdoings from occurring.

Players of GTA 5 mentioned a DLC of a similar kind be discharged. While it hasn’t surfaced at this point, it could be something engineers are putting something aside for GTA 6!

  1. Make Your Own Main Character in GTA 6

Another cool element rumored to be coming to GTA 6 is the capacity to make your own character. While we saw a component like this in GTA Online, this element has never been found in any of Rockstar’s single player modes. They generally have their own face, character, voice, and style of play that are added to their exceptional storyline. The possibility to structure your own fundamental character, be that as it may, could include some significant pitfalls. In GTA Online, we saw this customization lead to an insipid and exhausting character all through the online experience.

This element, whenever done appropriately, could prompt other cool elements, for example, never encountering a similar story twice! Some diehard aficionados of GTA 5 have played through the story on different occasions. With similar base missions and targets en route.


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