How To Clean and Care for Area Rugs

How To Clean and Care for Area Rugs

Area rugs can add warmth and energy to a room, complement an interior design style, and enhance a home’s aesthetic. However, to get the best from these decor items, regular maintenance is essential. Many quality rugs require handwashing, but getting them professionally cleaned can be expensive. However, you can learn to deep clean them yourself. Read on to learn about an inexpensive process for maintaining your floor coverings.

  1. Check the Rug’s Care Tag

The care tag will have the rug manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning. Make sure to read it carefully. Follow all the instructions to maintain the colors and texture of your product. Keep in mind that some rugs cannot be washed. Use this process only with carpets that are clearly described as washable.

  1. Vacuum Your Rug  

Run a vacuum over both sides of the rug to get rid of accumulated dirt, such as crumbs, hair, and dust. This will make it easier to wash. When vacuuming the surface of a shag rug, whether it’s flokati or acrylic, check your appliance settings and set it to the high pile option if it’s available. When vacuuming the woven underside of your rug, you can use the power head or beater bar to remove dirt quickly.

  1. Choose an Effective Rug Cleaning Solution

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Choose a reputable rug cleaning solution. Mix it according to the instructions. Alternatively, you can make a DIY cleaner with some mild liquid soap and warm water. Once you have prepared the cleaning material, try it on a small section of your rug. Leave it for an hour and check the area for any damage, such as discoloration or shrinking. Use a cleaner only if it does not damage the rug in any way.

  1. Soak the Rug in the Cleaning Solution  

Use the tried-and-true cleaning solution on the entire rug. Spread it over the rug with a sponge. Make sure to cover the entire surface with the liquid.

  1. Scrub Out the Grime 

Use a brush to work the cleaning liquid into the rug fibers. Then, let the carpet soak for about five minutes. Next, scrub both sides till each surface is sudsy. Check whether the dirt has been transferred to the soapy water, which changes color when this happens.

  1. Hose Your Rug Clean

Use a garden hose to hose off the dirt and cleaning mixture from your rug. Squeeze out the water with a squeegee. Use this tool by pressing the rubber scraper firmly into the rug and pressing out the excess water.

  1. Dry Your Rug 

Place your rug on a sturdy clothesline or a sloping surface. Let it dry naturally. When one side has dried well, flip it to dry the other side. After drying, loosen the compacted rug fibers with a soft brush. Finally, replace your clean carpet and enjoy it.

Now, you know how to handle your rug care effectively and inexpensively. Use what you have learned to optimize the appeal and durability of your carpets.