How to Host the Best Private Party

Private Party

Milestone events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and promotions, deserve to be celebrated. Something special in your life has happened, and there’s value in sharing it with those closest to you. 

While going out for dinner to a restaurant is a suitable way to mark the occasion, there can be so many other memorable options to consider. Before you let a special day pass you by without recognition, take a moment to think about whether planning a party is a suitable choice. You might be able to host the best private party by doing some of the following things. 

Creating a Theme

A themed party can be a joyous occasion for any guest of any age, particularly when you’re celebrating a birthday. For example, you can ask guests to dress up in casino themed party outfits if you’re hosting a casino-themed birthday or even clothing from a particular decade if you’re celebrating a milestone birthday. 

A themed party can often be easier to plan than one without a theme. You can organize entertainment, such as a casino party with casino games, and purchase or hire decorations to tie the entire look together. When you’re hosting a party without a theme, it can be much harder to choose decorations that work in harmony with each other and even dress for the occasion. 

Considering Entertainment

When you host a party to celebrate something special, such as a birthday or anniversary, the goal is for friends and family to come together, enjoy each other’s company, and socialize. However, there can be value in providing a form of entertainment that can hold people’s attention and keep them at your party for as long as possible. 

You might like to hire a live DJ or a band, or even a karaoke machine. However, you might be able to ‘wow’ your guests with something more unique, such as roulette wheels, table games, slot machines, and photo booths. 

Guests can play casino games to their heart’s content and take funny photos with their friends, which can hold their attention for several hours throughout the evening. While parties can be memorable without entertainment, there’s no denying that they can be even more notable when there’s something fun to focus on aside from your other guests. 

Hiring a Venue

There’s nothing wrong with hosting a party at your own home, particularly if you live somewhere warm with good weather so that you can keep guests outside or have an expansive home with room for everyone. However, you might enjoy less stress as a host if you can hire a venue and let someone else host your party. By taking your party to an established business, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up your home, finding enough tables and chairs for everyone to use, and clearing a space. 

Many businesses offer rooms for hire, and some even come with bathrooms and bars to provide an all-inconclusive party experience. Depending on your arrangement with your venue provider, you might even be able to get away with not cleaning up after your guests have left. 

Sending Out Invites

Depending on how formal your party is and how many people you hope will attend, sending invitations can help you host a standout party. Invitations can provide your guests with all the helpful information they need to make an informed decision about their attendance, including the date, the time, the theme, and where it is. 

It’s also important to include contact information and encourage guests to RSVP. If you’re hosting a significant event, asking people to RSVP can ensure you have approximate numbers for your venue owner, entertainment providers, and caterer if you plan to hire one. 

Sending out invitations doesn’t have to be a complicated or expensive process. You can create a digital invite for social media, send them by email, print them from your computer, or have them professionally designed and printed. The option you choose might depend on just how many guests you’re inviting and the caliber of the event. 

Booking a Caterer

There’s no reason why you can’t spend hours in the kitchen using your home cooking skills to prepare delicious finger food and snacks for your upcoming party. However, there can be so much to organize in the lead-up to a special party that preparing food can sometimes be an inconvenience. 

Consider hiring a caterer to ensure your guests are well taken care of and save you time in the kitchen. Caterers can prepare snacks and meals to your specifications and dietary requirements and ensure there’s enough food for the numbers you specified based on your RSVPs. 

There are many suitable food options you might like to request, such as chicken wings, crab cakes, pizza, and sliders. Not only can caterers prepare an array of different options, but you can even request that they work as servers at your party and keep the food tables fully stocked. 

When you book your party venue, inquire about on-site catering options, as this might be something your chosen establishment offers as an extra. 

Taking Care of Smaller Details

There can be a lot of planning involved in private parties, and you’ve likely remembered to take care of the big things like a theme, venue, entertainment, and food. However, the small details can matter just as much. 

Consider offering your guests transport options, such as a dedicated sober driver at your party to take guests home or a rideshare service provider on standby. You might even book accommodation near your venue for guests to use if they’re traveling in from out of town. 

Pre-booking a cleaner to take care of the post-party mess, organizing a bartender, and making sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic beverage options might also be tasks you add to your to-do list in the lead-up to your party. The more minor details might not seem important, but they can provide a great deal of convenience once the big day arrives. 

A birthday, anniversary, or another milestone event deserves recognition, and a private party with your friends and family can be the perfect way to celebrate it. Take note of these planning tips above, and you might be on your way to hosting a standout party that your loved ones talk about for years to come.