How to Prevent Others to See Your IP Address on Internet

ip address on internet

Protecting your privacy online, staying anonymous, and hiding your location (IP Address) is comfortable with the right tools. If you are aware of the possible threats of people identifying your location or tracking your digital activities, hiding your IP is vital.

We’re giving you highly effective yet simple ways to stay anonymous and hide identity online. With the lists of benefits, why more people are going over the process. Here’s a complete guide, read along! 

What’s An IP Address? 

The IP (Internet Protocol) is the primary system that is established as communication between networks. Its task is to define, structure, and deliver all information from server A to server B.

It’s the easiest way to identify your location as your digital address to your house number or car’s license plate for identity. Every system or device connected to the internet has a unique IP address assigned to them. In other words, your printer, personal computer, office computer, laptop, or smartphone have designated IP addresses. 

All devices connected to the internet have their identities, which helps track you to know your exact location quickly.  

How To Hide Your Identity And IP Address Online

There are different yet effective ways to hide your IP address while staying connected online. 

  • Use A Reliable VPN

The most convenient and safest way to hide your IP address while having the freedom to do all your online transactions is by using software called VPN. If you want to have a secured system and stay anonymous with a VPN service, you must find the most reliable one. Few VPN providers are known for reliability and high-speed secured connectivity for all your digital needs. 

Aside from masking your real identity, a VPN provides robust encryption to hide, help you blend in the crowd, offer safe torrenting and unblocks geo-restricted websites, streaming services, online games, and more. 

The tunneling process allows complete security through a second virtual IP address that hides your real IP to anyone who wants to track or spy on with your activities. VPN also blocks ads and malware that can severely damage your computers and risk your sensitive data. 

  • Use The Onion Router (TOR)

ToR has almost the same process as a VPN as it provides a new IP address from servers that are voluntarily operated. Tor is known as the deep/dark web. 

It allows you to access sites that are accessible to ordinary browsers. It has a different domain as randomly generated for complete security. The only setback with the process is that Tor is widely used for illegal transactions and is a haven prohibited activities. 

Nonetheless, it’s slower compared to a VPN but can mask your IP address if you need to. 

  • Transition To Mobile Network

Another alternative is by switching to the mobile data if you feel that your security is compromised. Mobile networks have a different approach to IP addresses. While it’s not a useful alternative for your pc and laptop, it can provide security for emergency scenarios. 

  • Use Proxy

The Proxy intercepts traffic and controls your connectivity for complete security. They are ideal for unblocking regional-restricted websites or streaming services. It allows you to connect anywhere across the globe with a full IP address mask for optimum security. 

A proxy has similar features with a VPN in terms of hiding your identity but not as robust compared to security and other essential elements. A proxy won’t protect you from government surveillance, prying eyes, or your ISP that wants to access all your personal and sensitive data.

  • Call Your ISP

You can ask for your ISP to change your IP address; they can do it. However, you may have a few questions about why the sudden request. You can request it more excellently. Most internet service providers assign dynamic IPs, which is easier to change than a static IP address.

  • Connect To Free or Public Wi-Fi

Connecting to free hotspot servers can change your IP address, but there are risks associated with it. Though your IP will change, you’re in complete vulnerability from prying eyes and hackers as you are using an unsecured connection.


Masking or hiding your IP address on internet is a simple yet effective way to secure your digital footprints against prying eyes, surveillance, or third-parties. With the right tools or software, you can have peace of mind knowing that your identity is safe, and all your data and information are protected.