Best Selling Mountain Bikes Under $250

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At such a drastic change in our lives where we are locked in our places and can do nothing but only see the images of the places to visit. Here it is the most fun activity one actually longs to do whenever he/she is out on some mountain vacation. The best sport riding of the bicycle is what everyone is fond of. And wanting one of your mountain bikes that too at an affordable range then my friend you are at the right place.

Here I am going to put self-used and reviewed the best Mountain bikes under $250. What does anyone want than a hilly vacation and mountain biking with his cheap but valuable bike? I have brought five best mountain bikes under$250. The bikes are very comfortable and light hence if you are going on a vacation can take it up bin your vehicle, just by assembling and reassembling it. So, let’s get started. We will be discussing all of them from bike prices to its pros and cons that I have faced with them.

5 Best Selling Mountain Bikes Under $250

1. Kawasaki DX 26 full suspension bicycle:

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To talk about the best bike which I love riding a lot. It is one of my favorites hence has topped the list of my preferences. It is also to note that this is stylish and full of the vogue mountain bike. This is the best bike you can opt for having comfortable and effortless biking. Not only this bike is budget-friendly and didn’t give it a second thought before buying the same. The full suspension, Kawasaki DX 26 bike has been the first option as I am a beginner for biking hence, I chose the same. The bike frame is good of 19 inches and also very lightweight. It is a durable bicycle as has been made of an alloy of aluminum. It has a balanced structure to help the rider in biking with no problems.

The best thing that I liked about this mountain bike is that it has been fitted with a 21-speed RS shifting system which gives it more speed and comforting biking. There is a smooth-shifting gear system too to help the beginner to shift from one gear sprocket to another. The best part of biking the same bicycle is that the breaking facility is so powerful that it helps to respond to the outer surroundings quickly. The shockers in the bike resist you from misbalancing your mountain bike and save you from falling off the bicycle. It helped me with biking on and off trails hence I learned my basic biking with this supreme bike.

The seat is appropriately set which helped me in off-road ties and gives me the perfect combination of the grip and contact of tires with the road. This helps me have great control over my bike. The Shimano rear derailleur acts more to my grip and balanced cycling. It is the most high-performance bicycle in the mountains for me.


  1. It is beneficial for beginners to try upon this bicycle.
  2. It is easily portable from one place to another and hence is adjustable.
  3. It is lightweight hence you can yourself carry it by picking to the near places.
  4. The gripping and response of the bike on braking is great.
  5. The front and rear suspensions help the durability and smoothing if the bikes.
  6. The quality components of the mountain bike have helped me essentially to ride it safe and swiftly.


  1. As due to biking one feels thirsty and hence need water to quench his/her thirst. But the mountain bike lacks the water bottle holder.


My experience with the bike was really great and I have learned a lot about the biking. The quality is decent with an affordable range. Also, the tires of the bicycle are so strong that there are no wears and tears seen within a long time. The full suspension design also assists you in riding better. I have also experienced less shock as the shockers are best in the bicycle.

2. Takara Jiro Dual-Suspension Disc Brake Mountain Bike

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The second most preferable bike out of all that I have tried is the Takara Jiro Dual-Suspension Disc Brake Mountain Bike. This bike has also added to a lot of my experience. It is also a full-suspension bike. The bike has lightweight as its frame is durable. It is made out of the alloy of aluminum which gives it is lightweight. The suspension of the Mountain bike has helped me learn and refining my bicycle skills a lot.

The bicycle has four-bar linkage and greater rear shockers which helps up to put the whole bicycle as much shock free as it can. And thanks to its internal shifters that it helps in changing up the gears faster and smoothly. It gives your ride a professional and joyful feel. The specification of the tires that are 27.5*2.125 has helped the bike in having the maximum grip in it. The cable associated discs can also help in offering the best reliable support from the bike. It has everything that any bike needs to become a bike for a rider’s choice. It has high suspension which adds a lot for its attraction and market value.


  1. It has a lightweight frame with the constitution of the aluminum frame as it helped me in carrying the bike really comfortably.
  2. The quality of the bike components is great and rider-friendly that I could ride the bike with the utmost comfort.
  3. The geometry of the bike is made so that it balances me and gives me a balanced posture to ride swiftly.
  4. The next cool advantage for me was that the seat was really comfortable and I could enjoy every moment of my ride completely.


  1. The only disadvantage of the same is that the handlebars are short which sometimes creates a little discomfort for me.


I really loved the experience of riding the bike. The full suspension of the bike has also given me loads of cherishable moments with the biking in off and on-road trails. It has also given me a swift move while I ride it. Getting such an amazing bike with such an affordable cost has helped me in getting a long way with the bikes.

3. Kingttu KT G6 mountain bike

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This is one of my interesting picks as I have taken this bike just because of its foldable quality. The bike has crossed any level of customization as it has high end folding that too with an affordable range that it became the apple of my eye. I was really happy while I ride it because it has dual suspension but you can carry it with you as any beginner would need such traits in their bikes. It makes the bike edgy and one can predominantly choose it for that reason. The next best feature is the disc brakes as it adds to its response on the road the bike stops at the very instinct. The mountain bike specified has a steel outer frame and the incredible spoke design of 3-spokes actually adds no additional weight to the bike.

Also, the fact, that, keeping aside the conditions of the road you will get an exciting experience with the bike just like I did. I was really fascinated by the fact that the bike rides beyond my expectations. The bike speeding system is also a quality I really loved as it puts 21-speed rear and front gear shifters which helped me switching the gears easily. Another thing that I noticed of the bicycle is that it can be used easily by the beginners as it is not of full suspension and more shockers and braking system than the rest bikes hence can be added to beginner’s choice bicycles.


  1. The bike is really lightweight and hence I could carry it anywhere I wanted to.
  2. The mountain bike is easy to assemble hence it works me with the better functioning of the bike and one can start riding it once has learned everything.
  3. Though it comes 85% assembles hence its really easy for the rider to assemble the rest and enjoy riding. I really loved its rides.
  4. The 3 spoke rim adds to another advantage as it helps in making the bicycle easy for my riding.


  1. The bike I ordered is not fruitful for any of the trained riders as it does not have as much specification one must need.


I really enjoyed the whole riding part with the bike moreover I liked its folding quality as it added to me taking it to every way possible. Anyone who is entering into the biking that too mountainous can pick this bike as it helps in learning the things better as it is basic. The smooth response has attracted me more towards this bike.

4. Royce Union RTT Women’s 21-speed mountain bike:

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I have enjoyed riding this bike as it has brought me real to its title. Having women in it drives me so much towards it. I have loved is on and of road performance. I was in search of a heavy-duty off-road bike hence I chose this one. The bike truly is made for heavy-duty abilities. The model is beneficial for me and as well as for the females as this segment was only made because of this reason. It has offered both quality and performance to me. It is a tough aluminum bike which is tough and helps me for more stability on the road. The efficiency of my bike helps to go with the jerks. It is also really commendable as the shockers of the bike almost absorb every shock and do not let me misbalance my ride. It has a high geometry rise because of its perfect alignment. The swiftness and stability it give to me are the best.

The next best feature about the same is that comfortable riding posture which does not let me get fatigued or tired in my whole ride. The effort required during a mountain biking and in that taking up another burden of taking that bicycle with efforts is not cool. Hence this bike provides effortless riding because of its geometry and suspension. The gear shifting that is SHIMANO rear and front gears that helps in changing the gears perfectly. The shifting in between those 2 super speedy gears has been made easy by it. It has given me a smooth and easy ride. It just takes efforts of two fingers to adjust the gears as per your riding needs. This shift in gears has helped me more quickly to understand the gears of the bike. The deep and spooky tires help in preventing slipping and skidding of the mountain bike. It allows the perfect grip of the bike with the road.


  1. The mountain bike I have tried is really lightweight and can help me carry it in any frame.
  2. The bike has been created keeping in mind the need of a woman hence it is a more tilted option for women.
  3. It has all 21 gears to decide the speeding gears of the same.
  4. It comes with a 90% assembling feature which helps in becoming easier for the rest of the assembling of the bike.
  5. It is swift and grip is really best.


  1. The saddle of the bike is suited for people above a certain weight. Hence it is not a favorable bike for heavy riders.


The bike is customized for the women have kept some specification of the same benefits for the female riders for working upon the same. It also helped me in swift riding and having a balanced posture during my ride. It is essential to know that all the lightweight actually helps to ride me the bike with more comfort.

5. Royce Union RTT Men’s 21- Speed Mountain bike

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It would be unfair if I would talk about only women and not men. Hence this segment that I ordered last but was a nice pick was a men’s edition. This bike was swift and is also amongst the top preferences of mine. Just like these entire bikes, this also has a lightweight and matte aluminum frame that is seen for this mountain bike designing. This look of matte makes the bike look stylish and attractive. The frame of the bicycle is really sleek and that it helps in making up the ride on point. The solid grip of the bike comes because of its 24 inches wheels. I comprise of the SHIMANO drive strain also with it has EZ Fire Plus trigger as it helps in maintaining the bike its better performance. I have really tried the comfort of the bike. The bike is really comfortable and portable and sleek in look. It has alloy rimmed wheels that are attached to thin lightweight brake pulls. The braking system of the bike gave me another thrill as its braking response is incredible. It has been my best choice and has thrilled me in every mountainous ride I had. It stands tough and the ride is smooth.


  1. The attractive thing will always have attention hence it’s amazing and sleek designs have put up as its advantage.
  2. The gear is 21-speed just like in every bike mentioned above.
  3. They are available in many colors in matte and sparkle finish.
  4. The braking system has always grabbed my utmost liking for the bike.


  1. I have not found out any cons. But would mark a little one, as to have better handlebar gripping.


To put the verdict of the very same bike as difficult as it has excelled in every single field of my expectations. This can be the bike I can recommend to anyone and can add up t its great collection. Even the swiftness and braking of the bike have been commendable. Also, the way its speeding is done I have really liked for riding the same. The swift change in the gears is also of great quality. The experience of the biking with this bike has been great and it looks add up to the personality of the person.

Having told you about all the best mountain bikes under $250 has helped you know a lot about the same. Now here is the basic difference between the mountain bike v/s road bikes.

Mountain bike v/s Road bikes:

There has been a great difference in the same but what people actually correlate these two terms which are not done. The quality of mountain bike v/s road bikes is different and stands for various aspects of the same. A mountain bike is durable which is meant for narrow dirt trails and is also termed as rugged bikes. They have a flat, widened handlebar for the control of the bike. Wheels are typical of 27.5 inches of diameter; they have hydraulic disks and wider tires for better traction on the road. They have basic tilted seats to mind their terrains. As it needs high suspension to ride on the steep mountains.

Whereas, road bikes are having different specifications altogether. Some people refer it to as racing bikes or hero bikes. They are actually made for the intention of speed and with narrow tires to ride on the paved paths and not on the uneven ones. The rolling needs to be faster in the bikes hence are different in this term too. They have different handlebars as it can be twisted up to any shape as there is no such need of geometry as in the mountain bike. They are usually not very light like the mountain bikes are.

Lastly, I would want you to know some basic things or buying guide one must keep in mind to buy a mountain bike.

Buying Guide to find the Best Mountain Bikes

Finding the right bike is really very crucial under a specified budget. It is very essential to know what all specification is to be needed by you to select one bike for your rides. You need to know the specification from a buying guide. Considering all the different and fascinating features and tough terminology won’t help you in knowing the perfect bike. The perfect and meaningful bike can be purchase when one knows of the buying guide. There must be some basic things one must keep in mind before buying anything.

As there are several bikes in the market hence make it really clear to choose the brand you trust the most. Next, keep the limit of our pocket in mind too. The budget plays an important role as one must not exceed the limit of his/her pocket to buy anything. The factor of comfortability is also to be taken care of as it is also necessary for any bike ride’s success. Also, the feature of brakes, suspension, gears, and wheels of the bike adds up to the better performance of the mountain bike. Mountain bike needs suspension and all these factors crucially add up to all of these hence it is necessary to work on all carefully.


Riding is a really fun activity and by going through this you have added a lot to your wits. So happy vacation and happy biking! Drive safe with all gears and types of equipment as safety always comes first.