Easy Ways to Get Money for Your Unwanted Smartphones

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Most of us have been in situations where we’re in need of some extra cash. If you’re experiencing that now, it’s easier than you may think to get results. You more than likely have some old smartphones collecting dust in a drawer. The smartphone industry releases new models so often that many people find that, within a few years, they have several unused devices lying around. If that sounds familiar, those gadgets could become income generators.

Advertise in a Local Buy and Sell Group

Spend some time investigating buy and sell groups in your community. Facebook is a helpful place to start. There are also several dedicated websites catering to people who want to do business this way locally. The main advantage of selling your electronics in a group like this is that you probably won’t need to worry about the extra costs and hassles associated with shipping.

When placing an ad, always describe your item as accurately as possible. Take a few pictures of it from various angles, as well. Doing that helps set expectations and boosts the chances of the eventual buyer feeling happy about the purchase. Give interested persons some options regarding obtaining the item, too. For example, you might offer to meet them in a public place or say that you can drop the item by their house if they live near enough to you.

Post on an Auction Site

Selling your devices on auction sites is another option to pursue, but it’s slightly more involved than a local transaction. eBay is one of the most popular auction sites, and if you plan to sell there, it’s a good idea to learn tips for sales success before getting started. For example, do your research to determine the prices at which other site users are selling your gadget for or comparable items.

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Also, no matter which auction site you choose, pick your time wisely. You don’t want the auction to finish at a time when many people in your time zone are sleeping or at work. Then, you’ll risk the chances of people not being online to bid at the last minute and potentially raise the final selling price.

Drop Off Your Phone at a Specialized Kiosk

Due to the growing number of people who find themselves with smartphones they no longer need, some companies are stepping in to help. ecoATM is one example. What is ecoATM? It’s an automated, self-service kiosk system that assesses your smartphone in seconds by comparing it against a worldwide database, then makes you an offer for a cash payment.

You can also increase the chances of the best outcome by following an ecoATM checklist. For example, clean your phone and remove the internal storage. Also, back up all your data and perform a factory reset so that the phone is ready for the next user. The main advantage of this option is that you don’t have to go through the work of figuring out the best language to use when describing your phone to a potential seller or taking pictures of it.

Each ecoATM kiosk has machine vision technology that evaluates the condition of your phone and quickly provides you with an offer. Most of the phones dispensed at ecoATM stations get refurbished and placed back on the market. Those not suitable for a new owner get sent to certified e-waste recyclers.

You may not have considered your old smartphones as sources of income before, but this overview shows that they can, indeed, be cash generators. Whether you’re experiencing financial hard times and would appreciate some extra money in your bank account or you want to have cash for a new video game or another entertaining diversion, the smartphones you no longer use could help.

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