How to Repurpose Old Jewelry—3 Ways to Handle your Broken Gold Pieces


If you happen to own a jewelry box, chances are, it’s probably full of items you no longer wear or like.  It’s completely normal for our style to change over the years and sometimes your favorite dress you bought ten years ago is no longer the item you cherish the most. Plus, the more you wear certain items, the more they’re at risk of becoming damaged. For instance, your favorite silver necklace might lose its original shine over the years or your most beloved black tank top might not be as black after being washed in the machine dozens of times.


Clothes are easy to dispose of and you often don’t feel guilty about throwing away a sweater that has served its purpose. However, it’s a completely different story when it comes to jewelry. As jewelry is more valuable, you certainly won’t be throwing your gold earrings in the trash can the moment you stop wearing them. But, at the same time, you also don’t want your jewelry box to be cluttered with items you no longer wear, right? The question then remains—what to do with your old or broken pieces of jewelry? Luckily for you, we’ve come up with some ideas that we’ve listed below, so make sure to check them out.

Use stones for a new piece of jewelry

If your gold piece of jewelry is adorned with colored gemstones, it’d be a shame to let those go to waste. If you’ve got tired of your old necklace or bracelet, why not use the stones from the piece and create a completely unique jewelry piece you’ll love? Sounds like a great idea to repurpose old or broken jewelry, right? It’s a great option that allows you to get a brand new piece without spending a lot of money. 


This is especially a good alternative if you’re emotionally attached to your old jewelry piece. Often, it’s the sentimental value that keeps us from parting ways with our old jewelry, so using certain parts of those pieces to create a unique design might be the perfect way to go.

Make a profit out of your old gold

Gold is and has been a good form of investments for decades now and its price keeps increasing, which is great news for all of you looking to sell. Therefore, if you own an old gold jewelry piece or if your gold items are beyond repair, you can simply sell those and earn some extra cash you can later use to treat yourself to something new. If you have no emotional attachment to the piece, deciding to sell should be a quick decision as you’ve got nothing to lose. Instead of letting your gold rot away in a dusty drawer, why not make a profit out of it and increase your bank balance? Even if you’re not in dire need of cash, you can never have too much money on your hands.

The best way to sell is by reaching out to your local jewelry shop or asking your friends to recommend someone they did business with in the past. When searching for a gold buyer, you should start your search locally, meaning you’ll want to check out those nearest to your neighborhood. In addition, make sure to vet the place online and read the reviews or previous customers and see what they say.


The ultimate price you receive will depend on your gold’s purity and the overall condition of the piece, so set realistic expectations before heading down to the store.

Give the piece away

Ultimately, if you feel too lazy about taking any action regarding your jewelry, you’re left with an easy, stress-free option—giving the jewelry to someone else. Your old jewelry that you no longer like might actually fit some of your friends’ style. By giving the jewelry away, you’ll definitely make some of your friends happy and you’ll successfully declutter your jewelry collection. Plus, your jewelry will be given a new purpose and you’ll rest assured it’s in good hands.