How to Soften Play Doh for Your DIYs

how to soften play doh

Play-Doh, the beloved modelling dough that has been enhancing creativity in kids and adults in the same way for decades, might sometimes turn out a bit too hard to work with. Be it you have found an old batch in the back of the closet or simply opened Play-Doh left out for a little too long. Knowing how to soften Play Doh is an important skill for balancing the softness and fun that this timeless material provides. In this informative content, we will look through eight effective methods of how to soften Play Doh, making sure that your creative look remains smooth and enjoyable.

8 Ways to Follow for Softening Dough

1. Warmth and Kneading

The most basic method of how to soften Play Doh is to use the help of warmth and kneading. Take the hardened Play-Doh and divide it into smaller pieces. Hold each piece in your hands and start kneading it with power. The warmth from your hands will eventually soften the Play doh, turning it more playable and simpler to work with. Go through this process multiple times until you see a proper improvement in the texture.

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2. Water Mist

An Alternative impactful approach is applying moisture to soften Play-Doh. Fill a spray bottle with water and give the hardened Play-Doh a soft spraying. Let the Play-Doh sit for a few moments, intaking the moisture. After that, knead the Play-Doh as in process 1. The included water content will help break down the hardness, reassuring the Play-Doh’s original softness.

3. Plastic Wrap and Resting

For those who choose a hands off approach, using plastic wrap can work amazingly. Take the hardened Play-Doh and wrap it tightly in plastic wrap, making sure it is properly covered. Leave the wrapped Play doh in a heated and dry place for a few hours or overnight. The entrapped moisture will eventually soften the Play doh, and when you unwrap it, you’ll find a much more soft material ready for creative endeavours.

how to soften play doh

4. Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is a natural and safe component that can assist in softening Play-Doh. Start by breaking the hardened Play-Doh into smaller pieces. After that, add a few drops of vegetable glycerin to the Play-Doh and knead it properly. The glycerin will penetrate the Play-Doh, reassuring its flexibility. Do not forget to use this process sparingly, as extra glycerin can make the Play doh loose and sticky.

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5. Oil Infusion

Oils like baby oil, coconut oil, or mineral oil might also be impactful in softening Play doh. Add in a small amount of oil to your hands and knead the Play doh as usual. The oil will help soften the Play-Doh components, breaking down the harness and making it more playable. Be careful not to over pour it with the oil, as too much can change the texture of the Play doh.

how to soften play doh

6. Microwave Process

In case you’re in a hurry and want to soften Play doh quickly, the microwave process can be a lifesaver. Although, extreme caution is required to stop from overheating and damaging the Play doh. Break the hardened Play-Doh into small pieces and put them in a microwave-safe dish. Microwave on low heat for 5-10 seconds, observing regularly to be assured it doesn’t turn out too hot. Once it’s warm to the touch, take it out from the microwave and knead it properly.

7. Play doh Softener

Yes, there are commercially available Play doh softeners that are critically designed to regain the softness of hardened Play doh. These softeners are safe to use and can save you time and work. Just follow the guideline on the product packaging to soften your Play doh easily.

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8. Mixing in Fresh Play-Doh

In case you have a set of fresh and soft Play-Doh on hand, you can apply it to soften the hardened Play-Doh. Divide the hardened Play-Doh into little pieces and mix it with the same amount of fresh Play-Doh. Knead both the play-dohs into a mixture properly until the two types of Play-Doh are well infused. The moisture and softness of the fresh Play-Doh will assist to soften the hardened parts.

Quick Look over

Balancing the fun and creative part of Play-Doh depends on knowing how to soften it when it becomes too hard. From applying warmth and kneading to infusing water mist, plastic wrap, and various other components, there are multiple methods to choose from. Whether you go for a natural approach or a commercial softener, each process can help regain your Play-Doh and keep the creativity moving. So, the next time you go through a hardened Play-Doh, do not forget these eight methods to bring it back to its soft and playable state, ready to be formed into countless imaginative options.