How to start a video game blog successfully and easily.

start a video game blog

In this new age of technology and gadgets, gaming has taken a very special place in every household. With the ever-rising popularity of gaming, the blogging world on gaming has also risen drastically. For every new blogger, it is very important to know how to start a video game blog successfully as the video game world has become extremely dynamic.

There are a lot of factors which play an important role in the successful run of the video game blog. Here, we will be discussing some vital factors which one should keep in mind while initiating such a blog.


To know how to start a video game blog successfully, one should be very clear regarding the genre of the gaming which they want to start about. The genre can be kept general as well if you wish to write an open gaming blog but for any in-depth blogs on the certain type of games, the genre becomes an important part.


When you think of how to start a video game blog, keep a theme in mind. Try to keep a specific theme to your blogs in order to create your own set of readers. For example, keeping the theme funny, critic or any other will have a lot of readers rushing to your blog. You can also divide your blog into parts, such as, Storyline, Gameplay, and Graphics etc. to give out a detailed description of the game.

Domain and Hosting

After the foundation of your gaming blog is ready, then it is time to give a unique and attractive name to your blog and register the domain for the same.  Try not to copy any already existing blogging name or any famous blogger as that might come under plagiarism and you may lose your originality. If the name is original and domain is available then, register it in order to create your own personal blog page. You can also design and change the layout of the site according your customization as there are several tools provided by host.

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One of the major keys on how to start a video game blog successfully, use vivid images and graphics to help your readers get a better experience. You may also use various images and screenshots of the any particular itself as using the game screenshots may help to explain your point to the readers very well.


Writing informative blogs about various games is the major keys on how to start a video game blog to bring ample of traffic on your page.  Since, the gamers are always looking for the in-depth information about the games and the technology behind it, writing informative blogs will help you to get high-end traffic on your page very early.

Tips and Tricks

Keep the blogs interesting by making them about the various tips and tricks which the gamers can use and need to know for a better gaming experience. These tips and tricks will surely bring out a nice number of readers to your blog page as the gamers are always looking for some tips and tricks in order to enhance the gaming experience.

Gaming Tutorials

There are many gamers who find it hard to get a good grip on the game because of the complex and difficult gameplay and controlling settings. If you write about how to play these games flawlessly, then this might attract a lot of gamer heads to your page and they will keep visiting it for a better gaming experience as it becomes very helpful for them.


The simple answer to how to start a video game blog with ease is to keep the readers attracted for a longer period of time. This means to write the blogs in continuation and make an entire series of blogs for any particular game. Several video games have a nice and long storyline, so if you want to write a gripping blog and hold on to your readers then you can make the blog on any particular storyline of the game as well.

Current Affairs

As mentioned earlier, the world of video game is ever-changing and highly dynamic; hence one should also focus on the current affairs by shedding light on the happening in the world of gaming. When you think of how to start a video game blog while addressing the current affairs of the gaming world, make sure that you keep yourself updated with all the latest news coming in. Try attending the various video game seminars and events in order to note down the news on first hand basis.

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Write the blogs on a nice and frequent time to be a constant and regular with your blogging. The irregular blogging may affect your traffic on the page badly as most of the readers prefer a regular read on any blogging page so keep the frequency of your blogs on check, always.


Keep the language of your blog simple and easy to read. The gaming world has spread extensively and globally in the past few years which means you can draw a lot of readers from across the world. But in order to do this, you have to ensure that the language which you are using is simple and easy to understand since many people don’t have English as their first language in the world. This is will help you to get a worldwide reach for your blog and people will draw to your page because of the easy and crisp content.

Additional Content

When you think of how to start a video game blog by yourself, don’t limit your blogs just to words. Add a lot of pictures, infographics, video links and other attachments in order to keep the blogging site interesting for all kind of views.  Adding the videos or the links in your blogs will also help you to get a nice amount of traffic to your site.


Keep your blogging site dynamic in order to keep the traffic flow on your site in good numbers. Monotonous blogging style will make your page traffic go extremely low. So make sure to keep changing the style and content of your blogging style and pattern for the best results.


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