Ideas for a Kids Friendly Garden

kids friendly garden

Garden is an essential and yet very often neglected part of your home. You should take as much care of your garden as of your living room or kitchen. The garden is the first thing everyone can see when opening the fence gate and looking at your house.

Furthermore, besides being such a visible area, it’s also the first outdoor space your newborn will see, and where your kids’ first memories of the craziest games and birthday parties will be created.

Children — once they appear in our lives we could do anything for them. Then why not adjust the garden to their needs and dreams? Here are a couple of ideas on how to design a kids friendly backyard!

A Safe Green Space

Where should your children be the safest if not at their very own home? The garden is no exception. However, since we usually pay little attention to this part of our property, there can be a couple of traps left — possibly dangerous for both kids and pets!

Let’s take grass first. Why so few of us decide to install artificial lawn (like i.a., Easigrass)? Fake grass doesn’t necessarily have to be kitschy nor toxic. You can find now on the market 100% non-toxic and real-looking artificial grass that will not only be perfectly safe for the little ones, but also will survive all the children’s parties and uncontrollable young dogs trying to dig your garden upside down.

Another point is choosing non-toxic plants. Getting fake grass will prevent your kids from grass allergy reactions but there are plenty of flowers that can really be dangerous. Toxic plants (e.g., ivy that is so popular among gardeners) can cause severe poisoning, paralysis, and sometimes even death. Alway do thorough research before purchasing new plants!

A Dream Playground

Playing is an integral part of all the children’s development. The key to actually beneficial and effective children games is variety — combining exercises focusing on different aspects of a child’s mind and body can work miracles. Designing a playground for your kids yourself is a great opportunity to have an actual, direct influence on your kids’ condition and encouraging them to productive activities in their free time.

Don’t hesitate to engage your children in creating the playground project with you. Sandboxes, slides, swings, trampolines, jungle gym… Hear your kids out and help their dream playground get adapted to the realistic spatial and financial possibilities.

Designing the playground will be a creative challenge for the children and will boost their self-esteem — after all, you let them take part in creating their home!

Secret Hideaways

Playing hide and seek is one thing but the child’s need to hide from the world from time to time like a cat is something slightly different. Is there anyone who hasn’t ever tried to hide in a closet or in a duvet cover? Probably not!

Even though it’s natural for kids to look for different hideaways, it can also appear to be dangerous. That’s why we suggest building such hideaways in the garden, especially for children!

A spacious coffer under the garden sofa, a wooden hut somewhere in the corner of the garden or a handmade tent… Just talk to you kids and get to know their ideas for dream secret spots in the backyard!

Temporary Beach

Temporary beach is a perfect idea for spending summer vacation in the city. Two inflatable swimming pools can really turn your backyard into an all-inclusive seaside resort! Fill one with water, and the other with sand (you can order such sand online — just the same as for a sandbox). Take your indoor palm trees and other plants outside, turn on some Hawaiian music, prepare colourful fruit drinks, and let your family enjoy this desert island in the middle of the city.

Whatever your ideas for the garden are, try always include the rest of the family in creating the projects. This way you’ll not only teach your children manual skills and creative thinking, but will also let them know that their opinion is just as respected in the household.

Make working in the garden an opportunity to spend more quality time with your loved ones. Give your kids a chance to prove themselves and show them how proud you are! That’ll make your garden one of a kind!