Open a new account on the Parimatchwin website: useful tips


Straightforward and quick registration is named among the key advantages of, and newer players truly need some 2 minutes to complete the process; meanwhile, some useful tips are important to avoid future problems with the website functionality.

What are the required steps to create a new account for Parimatchwin?

Unregistered visitors who are on the official website need to follow the next simple steps:

  1. Press the yellow ‘Sign Up’ button to start the process.
  2. Inscribe your email address in the first field.

Many newcomer players leverage temp mail services. This solution is possible, as the casino doesn’t block automatically generated emails but future problems happen. For instance, a gamer forgets his (her) password, and the system sends the reset instruction to your mail address. As such, enter your active emails.

3. Create a strong password to log in to the service.

A strong password is a combination of small and big letters, numbers, and special symbols. These passwords are hard to generate. On the other hand, gamers need to remind their passwords or save them on your PC. Parimatchwin has the only requirement for passwords (at least 8 characters). Furthermore, the system analyzes your password and defines its ‘status’ (awful, good, strong).

4. Choose the main currency of your account.

The gambling platform mains both fiat and digital currencies. The vast majority of players use their previous experience, as most other gambling platforms forbid gamers to choose their account’s currency. Parimatchwin empowers registered users to add more currencies and leverage all their balances. This said you may select a random currency during the registration, and then add more options that are convenient for deposits and withdrawals.

5. Specify your country from the list.

This field is the most important, as many users make fatal mistakes, choosing other countries. For instance, you live in Brazil but select Australia to unblock more payment options. While verifying your account, problems appear, as your ID information doesn’t correspond with the info given inside a profile. Choose your country of living.

6. Tick the round fields.

To complete your registration, a newer player has to agree with the casino’s terms and conditions. Furthermore, a gambler agrees with the privacy policy. Such a standard procedure doesn’t include something special, but experts recommend new entries to glance over the articles to understand your rights and obligations. As for one more tick, gamblers get the right to accept promotional offers or not. The first tick is optional, while the second one is mandatory.

When a person neglects these pitfalls, problems and complaints are frequent outcomes. The registration process is quick and simple, but don’t hurry up when you fill in the Parimatchwin fields. Think over each action and inscribe your valid information there. Keep in mind future procedures you have to undergo (account verification).

Customer support is ready to solve your problems. Email and a feedback form are the only support options for unregistered members. Live chat, the most convenient option, is accessible after your account is created.