Things to Consider if You Are Planning a Canna-Vacation

Planning a Canna-Vacation

Are you planning the ultimate Spring Break in a canna-legal state in the US? Then you should be knowing some significant things before roaming to feed your wanderlust while keeping pink kush and purple kush in your pocket. Well, if you are planning a vacation in Canada then you do not have to worry about anything or any state as they have got the same rules and regulations for all the states of the nation. Even they have got Canada weed dispensary where you can get weed for sale and have your vacation in the full zest. But if you are planning to vacay in the US and you are a pot smoker or you just need a little green stuff in your pocket to trigger your fun then we will help you with this article to plan a pot vacation. 

Follow these simple guidelines to make sure that you stay high and out of trouble in states that have legalized recreational weed. 

Any adults over 21 can buy pot with a valid ID at legal pot shops only (so don’t try to score on the street). Expect to pay with cash and ask your budtender for recommendations, but remember not to touch the nugs. Most of these states allow you to possess up to an ounce but Maine allows 2.5 ounces. 

So now that you’ve bought some weed, where can you toke up? Smoking or vaping pot outdoors is still illegal in every state. Eating edibles is much less conspicuous, and there aren’t any specific rules preventing public use. Many hotels have a no smoking policy which also applies to weed. But some hotels, even larger chains, are starting to accommodate stoners on the double locked. So do your research on exactly which ones these may be. When you are ready to leave your hotel and face the public, make sure you are not too blazed to handle yourself. Some states have laws against public intoxication, but you should not have a problem as long as you are not a public nuisance.

As always, you should keep an eye on your valuables and personal safety while traveling, even though areas with legal pot have seen violent and property crimes decrease since legalization. Also remember that driving while stone is still illegal everywhere, so a taxi or a designated driver is still the safest bet. 

If you’ve decided to plan your trip for 420, you’re not alone. Vacations are mostly from March to May so keep in the mind that there would be the biggest weekends for canna-tourism, so don’t be surprised by huge crowds or higher hotel rates. 

When you’re headed home double check to make sure you haven’t brought any cannabis products with you to the airport. Even if you’re flying from one cannabis legal state to another, federal law reigns supreme in all airports just like for illegal dianabol steroids, and prison is a terrible end to a great vacation. But, what to do with all that extra Kush? Offer it to your hotel maid or someone else in the service industry as a tip for a great time! Best not to let the hospitality of legal cannabis go to waste.

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, you can buy cannabis online from a number of reputable vendors.