Setting Your Business Apart From the Competition

Setting Your Business Apart

Wondering when to send thank-you cards? The answer is simple: any time you want to make a strong impression. Whether you send a thank-you card to clients, customers, or employees, the action will be setting your business apart from the competition in the recipient’s eyes.

Writing a thank-you note helps you create a polished image. In today’s increasingly digital world, a handwritten note truly stands out. Customers are used to businesses having a social media presence, while clients and employees expect emails and even text messages.

If they get a digital note that looks like all the rest of the communication received throughout the day, that information can easily get lost. A personalized, handwritten thank-you card will catch the attention of the client, customer, or employee who receives it, differentiating you and your business from the rest of the field in a positive way.

Strengthening Customer (and Employee) Relations

If you want to set your business apart from the competition, taking the extra time to thank customers and clients is essential. Opting to send thank-you cards instead of expected emails demonstrates an extra level of care.

To really strengthen customer relations, you need to create the content of your card with intentionality. Consider what you will say and the tone of your message before crafting the words. You should also think about adding personal elements that let the recipient know they’re not receiving a standardized message.

The same goes for thank-you cards sent to employees. Just a small personal detail and handwritten message will let your employees know you really value their work. That feeling that their employer values their work will in turn boost employee morale and engagement, creating a positive workplace culture of recognition.

Adding Personal Touches

Sure, a customer or employee will appreciate a thank-you email, but a handwritten note stands up and delivers a bigger impact. The personal nature of a handwritten thank-you card allows you to create a professional tone while still showing some personality.

Details like quality paper, stylish design, and legible but personal handwriting shows attention to detail that makes the recipient of your card take note of your effort. These little details don’t translate to digital communications — they’re things you can only add if you send a handwritten card.

Encouraging Repeat Customers

A meaningful thank-you card that incorporates personal touches can even encourage repeat customers. The card can set the stage for a more personal relationship, and customers will have your business in mind the next time they want to buy the product or use the service you offer. Customers with that personal, positive impression of a business are more likely to turn to your business again.

Thank-you cards are a simple gesture that can have a significant impact on your company’s bottom line. Sending handwritten cards to employees, clients, and customers shows that your thanks is genuine.