Steam Deck Craze: Bringing PC Cybersports to Handheld Console


A Bombastic 2022 Release, How Steam Deck Won the Hearts of Many in a Single Swoop

For years, the lifestyle of a Cybersports enjoyer has always been dynamic, whether you are a pro gamer or a casual player. The PC Cybersports gaming scene is known for its high-octane energy and huge cash sink, in which players spend hundreds of hours and lots of cash to keep up with the new trend.


Based on an official article from, you can see the appeal of becoming a Cybersports pro. A DOTA 2 player, for instance, could not only make back the money you’ve spent on their gaming rigs from winning a single tournament, but you could also gain fame, win contracts and make a new connection as 

However, as you, our dear viewer, might have known from your experience, PC gaming lacks mobility. It is where Steam Deck came in, a device with all the powers of a PC but the size of a handheld console. Moreover, Steam Deck is developed by Valve, the same developers behind the Steam marketplace. Steam Deck users could easily download and install their PC games into Steam Deck only with an internet connection.

A review from XDA, a U.S.-based gaming magazine, labels Steam Deck as a ‘game changer’ in which you could play both online games like Albion online and hybrid games that offer online mode like Grand Theft Auto V just as well as you do on PC. In particular, the 512 Giga Byte version is praised for its flexibility. You could switch from a dedicated single-player game like Fallout 4 to No Man’s Sky multiplayer mode with just a couple of touches. No micro SD card is needed.

The Other Side of Steam Deck, Not Without Its Drawbacks

It would not be right to prop up Steam Deck for all of its hype without mentioning the console’s glaring weakness. First and foremost, Steam Deck requires an internet connection even when not engaging in online cybersports games. For stay-at-home gamers, this might not seem much of a big deal, but if you travel a lot, you might find it challenging to find a stable connection to log in to Steam.

Furthermore, Steam Deck has a relatively short-lived battery life, with only 6-8 hours’ worth of regular use. If you play online games intensely on the Steam Deck, the battery would not last longer than even 2 hours. Before needing charging, you might need to charge your Steam Deck twice or three times a day. It is a severe downside to Steam Deck’s prospect of competing with mobile gaming phones with inferior performance but longer-lasting batteries. 

Aside from that, ‘GameVoyager’ also criticizes Steam Deck’s mediocre performance when playing tactic-based PC games. In particular, DOTA 2, one of the most significant cybersports scenes in modern-day gaming, feels awkward to play without an additional keyboard, which is ironic considering that Valve develops both DOTA and Steam Deck.

Where to Stream Cybersports Tournament on Your Steam Deck

If you want to stream cybersports on your Steam Deck, check out The most famous is DOTA 2, ‘The International Tournament,’ which has rewarded its winners with millions of US Dollars annually. However, if DOTA 2 is not your kind of tea. Then also offers live streaming, match-record keeping, and other popular online games like CS: GO, LoL, etc. All of which you could stream easily from your Steam Deck OS mobile.