The Best Ways To Build Passive Income In Your 30’s

Ways To Build Passive Income In Your 30’s

Building wealth has always been one of the many pursuits that every person will dip their toes in, once or twice in their lifetime. It’s not about getting rich, but being liquid enough to pay for a certain way of living. Most people will want a comfortable lifestyle, one that they can sustain up until their deaths. Accumulating wealth is the way to realize that.

When you’re in your 30’s, you’re expected to have a decent amount of savings. It goes without saying that having worked your way up in any type of industry you’re in should be what your 20’s was about. Although we have different timelines as people if you want to start building a life that can support you through old age, investing in passive income schemes is the way to go.

So if you want to build your wealth for the future, this the article for you. We’ve collated the best ways to accumulate wealth. Of course, before you gain something, you’ll need to lose it first. To be able to build wealth, you’ll need to part with some of your savings. That much is a given. Here are the passive income tricks you can explore:

Dividend Stocks

Quite basically, this pertains to stocks you can buy that will give you dividends in return. Dividends are quarterly, bi-annual, or annual sum of money that companies distribute to their shareholders from revenues. It’s the most straightforward way to invest your money in. Plus, you don’t have to put too much effort into it in the long run.

The trick here is to find the right dividend stocks to invest in. Deciding how much to invest also needs a discussion. To be sure and safe, search for stocks from a company that is already established. Look at public offerings, but don’t invest for dummies. Over time, look at different dividend stocks offerings and buy from different sources.

High Yield Savings Account

This is pretty much straightforward. When you want to make sure that your money is earning when you’re saving it on a bank, look for options that have the best high yields. Don’t go for the standard savings account as the interest earned on this type of accounts will most likely be eaten by the interest withheld.

If you have cooperatives in your area, look into having savings or time deposit accounts with them. Ensure that these accounts are insured as well. If you want to have a great income stream from your savings, putting more money into it will generate bigger interests. So save as much as you spend!


Since it’s conception, insurance had always been polarizing. Some people want it; others are wary of it. Insurance falls into annuities, which means that they’re a series of equal payments divided over time. In the case of insurance, it will give you passive income after its maturity date, or for when something untoward happens.

Talk to a trusted financial advisor first before investing in  insurance. If you can, get the option where the payments you make will also serve as your savings, plus investment. This way, you don’t have to worry about giving your money to these companies without getting anything in return.

Pay off debts

How can you get passive income through paying off your debts, you may ask? Listen, if you do not have withstanding debts, you’re already half-way through building a great foundation in building your wealth. Paying off debts can transform your portfolio into something else entirely! 

The interest that banks impose on late payments is increasing each year, and when you don’t have debts and interests to pay, you’re basically giving yourself money to invest in other things. Think of it this way – when you don’t have debts to pay, your income is yours and yours alone, and you have more wiggle room to explore other investment opportunities!

Invest in a business

This does not mean that you own a business. It’s less obvious than that – be a silent partner. Investing in a business can grow your wealth, depending on the income streams of that particular business.  Look for small businesses, as they tend to always need extra monetary support.


Building a certain kind of life that you can enjoy throughout the duration of your earthly life involves money. That’s why when you want to make the most of living your life, you’ll need to invest your money in worthwhile investments. Start with putting your money in one or two of the things mentioned above, and see where it will take you!