The Significance of The Blast Series in Competitive CS:GO


The BLAST Premier series is one of the most significant CS:GO competitions. It’s classified as an S-Tier event and runs numerous tournaments throughout each year, reuniting the best teams of the year to offer everyone a chance to win big. While the 2021 season saw NAVI almost fully dominate, the World Final 2021 held from December 14-19 will be something to behold. 

We will surely be ready to visit and place our bets on the teams we think are the most likely to win. But back to the question of why we think this is the most significant event in competitive CS:GO, there are at least several reasons we can think of right now. 

Blast: An Agora for CS:GO Competitions 

Describing the BLAST Premier series as an agora of esports and competitive Counter-Strike is not an overstatement. The event runs numerous competitions annually that make it possible for players to not just have something to look forward to but also something to vie for. 

The total prize pools in 2021 alone are already close to $3 million. While some of the prize pools got smaller compared to 2020, the event continues to be a perpetual source of new opportunities for players who are determined to be the best.

However, BLAST is also very inclusive. The tournament only cares about performance. This means that if a rag-tag team of newbies is capable of bringing Liquid, BIG, G2, or whatever another outfit to their knees during a qualifier, they are very welcome to join in and do so.

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A True Benchmark of Skill-Driven Tournaments

In light of the above, BLAST’s Grand Finals every year are based on personal merit, not legacy rights or claim to the tournament. This means that all tournaments need to qualify, and if they do, they will run in a series of monthly tournaments that will then determine whether they make the cut for the biggest one. 

This merit-based approach is very refreshing and will allow players and teams to thrive as they know that nothing is carved in stone, and they can have a bearing on their future prospects within the competitive CS:GO community. To get there, they would need a lot of talent and determination, but if they have the right mindset, they are bound to make it through one way or another. That is where the BLAST Premier series comes in, and that’s what they are about, really.