Which Platform Is Better- The Web vs. Mobile Gambling

Web vs. Mobile Gambling

If you consider this decade, the mobile has gained the supreme position in social gaming, and the trend is still going on. Recent research data claim that the mobile share for all social casino games on both web and mobile platforms is about 20-80%, with 65% if mobile and 35% are from the web. This average shows that it is growing in favor of mobile platforms at an annual rate of 1.5%. The Web vs. Mobile Gambling

Who are the mobile players, and how they differ from the web players? The mobile players are more engaged and proactive, but how much are they more intense while playing the game on the web platform? What characteristics do the multi-platform players have- who are engaged in both the mobile and web games?

Research has been conducted to know all these answers, collecting data from ten millions of players across several social casino games. 

Mobile players are like web players but at high speed?

Most social gamers have a clear preference for one platform- either the mobile or the web, which is about 96% of the total number of players. The remaining 4% play on both platforms. Among the 96% of the players who choose any one of the platforms, the ratio between mobile and web is 65%/35%. The research shows that mobile players have faster progress across the metrics. They are converted faster in the potential customers; they usually make their second and the next level payments faster than those who play on the web platforms. As the mobile players have their devices all the time, they tend to check the device 200 times more daily than those who play on the web platform. 

The web players are sedentary as compared to mobile players. On the other hand, mobile players like to play on the go. They do not have to compromise their luxury and quality while playing casino online games on mobile. The mobile platforms have easy access to games, greater engagement, and also easy payment methods. 

How it is seen that the conversion rate between the mobile and web players are quite the same, the conversion speed is double in case of mobile as compared to the web Cricket ID players. In the mobile players’case, the first payment is much faster than the web players, which is about 52 days after the first session. 

After reaching the second-payment milestone, mobile players make frequent payments as compared to web players. The mobile players also play the game often as compared to the web players. They boast 1.6x more the gameplay days than the web players. So, not only mobile players have more active play days, but they play more each day. As per the retention rates, there is no correlation with the player’s platform preference. The retention rate is significant between mobile and web game players.  Hence, it is seen that the mobile platform is much more viable than web platforms in terms of casino gaming Online Cricket Betting Id. In the mobile platforms, you can have access to various games to play, both the free and the real cash games.