Playcast partners with TV network operators, such as cable, IPTV and
“over-the-top” platforms to serve gamers
Our service appears as a TV channel. It’s already there.
A click on the remote and your game is there. A gamepad is on its way to your home (you can play with a handheld device in the meantime). Pay with your monthly bill.
Playcast is running on a public cloud, and streams video games directly to users existing connected devices and TVs.
Our service integrates into
we run a very simple client on the box (simpler than VoD). Minimum requirements: real time MPEG2/H.264 decoding, return channel and a USB port (for gamepads).
Playcast software has been optimized for ideal performance across devices, networks and software environmevnts.
We have been operating a successful cloud gaming service since 2010.
Users pay an average of
subscription full of AAA titles. We also do short and long term rentals, free to play packages, branded subscriptions and other models.