How would you define quality content for Content Marketing?

define quality content

Do you know that 86 percent of B2B marketers used content marketing to build brand awareness and expand their reach in 2019 (Content Marketing Institute)? That is enough to prove the significance that content marketing holds for brand building and competing with others. This blog will be about How would you define quality content for Content Marketing.

However, the report also says that only 45 percent of businesses managed to get the intended results from content marketing services. That shows there is a dearth of quality content out there in the market.

While the above stats are not encouraging, it shows that there isn’t much competition in the content marketing sphere. As such, it is the right time to step in the field, outclass your competitors with a carefully drafted content strategy. 

Yes, it is not easy to do so, and that is the reason why we are here. 

In this article today, we would share some proven tactics that you can adopt to generate quality content and enhance business growth. You will see that it isn’t as tricky as you had earlier thought. How would you define quality content-

So let’s find out!

1. Strong Headline

Here are some interesting facts from copy blogger. 80% of the readers will go through the headline, but only 20% of those will read the rest of the content. 

Headlines are the shortest part of your content as that is the reason marketers spend the least amount of time on it. In a hurry, they forget that the headline is the first thing the reader will notice. And if that is not enticing, your efforts on the rest of the content will end up in vain. 

Now the question is, how do you create a strong headline?

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A straightforward answer is to create a hook. Two common ways to create a hook are to ask a question or use a “how-to” headline. Let me give you examples of both types.

Ask a question 

  • How many keywords should be used in an article?
  • Is content marketing relevant in 2020?

How to headline

  • How to overcome acute procrastination?
  • How can I write content that ranks well on Google?

2. Original Content

This might seem like a no brainer, but many marketers still are not aware of the consequences of copied content. Google is intelligent than ever before. With frequent updates, their system is very powerful at flushing out duplicate content. 

Hence, it is crucial than ever before to generate original as well as valuable content for the readers. 

What does valuable content mean? It means that gone are the days when you could use a bot or software to generate hundreds of articles per day and enjoy the traffic (and off course the cash that came with it). 

No matter how advanced the bot or the spinning software is, it can’t make the competency of an experienced writer. So stop using cheap tactics. You will get what you pay for. No doubt, an experienced content writer will be a bit heavy on your financial statements, but the brand awareness that comes with it is worth the investment. No matter if you are marketing your brand through online channels or looking for best dissertation writing services, content plays an integral part and is essential for a successful end result.

3. Know your audience

This is a common rule for success in all aspects of a business: be it marketing, sales or PR, among other things. 

The chances are that you are already using a CRM to gather customer insight. Other than that, there are many touchpoints on which customers provide their feedback. For example, social media, if you have a store, then the feedback provided to your staff etc. 

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Deeply analyze all data to get into the head of the customer. With all this data, you will get to know their preferences and loads of other information which will assist you in developing a user persona. A well-made customer persona can lead to a 238% rise in conversion. No, we are not kidding! 

You will be surprised how powerful, in-depth and eye-catching content is generated.   

4. Provide accurate information

Picture this. You have written an original article with a strong headline and after developing a user persona. Resultantly, you gather a lot of eyeballs. Later on, people find out that all of your information was inaccurate.

Wouldn’t that turn out to be a disaster? 

You will run into a slew of problems including, but not limited to, loss of traffic and irreversible damage to brand reputation. I am sure you don’t want that to happen. 

To avoid all this havoc, don’t forget to link those statistics to the relevant source. Make sure the source is credible and not any random guy on the internet

Another trick is to back up your claim with substantial arguments and facts. For example, don’t just say that climate change is a threat to the environment. Rather, also mention the damages it has already caused, i.e. erratic and perennial flooding, bush fires, extreme weather conditions, etc.

All this will not only enhance your credibility but also help you rank in the search engine. This is important if you want your message to spread to the wider audience.


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